National Honor Society

National Honor Society (NHS) is a national organization dedicated to recognizing and encouraging academic achievement while also developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy. NHS members must complete community service hours through the NHS organization at CCHS and design and lead an approved service project. Opportunities for service and to develop the members’ leadership skills are numerous. NHS at CCHS provides clear and supportive avenues for its members to make a difference in their school and community.

Requirements and Procedure for NHS Membership
Any current Sophomore or Junior (who is NOT already in National Honor Society) interested in applying to Cathedral Catholic’s chapter of National Honor Society should review the acceptance criteria as listed below. In the late winter, NHS will be taking applications for admission. Those applicants who are accepted will be invited to an induction ceremony where they will become official NHS members for the following school year.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. 3.75 accumulative GPA
  2. Three examples of significant service/volunteering (service examples must be purely service and not paid or performed for credit or class assignment). Significant service means that the service performed either took place across multiple days or was for an extended period in a single day. The three examples of service should demonstrate commitment to a need or cause.
  3. Three examples of leadership – see below for clarification. Service and leadership examples MUST be different. No single example can be counted as both.
  4. No record of ethical violations: no suspensions, record of cheating or plagiarism, etc.

The 2022 NHS application can be found here.

Clarification for the Leadership Criteria
Three examples leadership should be clear in that the applicant has lead a group of people and assumed responsibility for their actions. This could take the form of leading a club (being a club officer or leading club activities), leading a group of students on a service project, being a team captain, overseeing others at a place of employment, teaching classes, etc. Like the service examples, the leadership examples should demonstrate a commitment.

The following do not count as leadership: tutoring, babysitting, leading in class activities or projects, being an un-official team captain, leading an event or project that is not considered significant with respect time and commitment.

The acceptance committee will have some discretion with respect to what it considers a significant example of leadership.

If the applicant is looking for ways to acquire leadership examples, have them stop by and talk to Mr. Caro in Assisi room 202.

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Caro at