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Academy of Distinguished Dons

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The Dons Alumni Association recognizes and honors distinguished Dons alumni and special friends who positively impact the world by using their talents and resources to benefit Catholic education and the communities around them. These distinguished Dons support the mission of Catholic education and also value the Dons’ shared traditions and memories. 

Thank You!

Thank you to all who joined us for the induction ceremony in the spring of 2023! Please check back in the fall of 2024 for more details about our next induction in the spring of 2025.

Members of the Academy of Distinguished Dons

Class of 2023 (Inducted on March 3, 2023)

The Late Rick Kneeshaw ‘65 
Cameron Crowe ‘73
Doug Barba ‘80
Nezi Balelo ‘81 
Jack White ‘85
Guymon Casady ‘87
John Montali ‘88
Gloria Calderón Kellett ‘93
Brooke Rinehart Mandril ‘96
The Late Mario Fierro ‘02 
The Late Dr. Estelle Kassebaum, Honorary Don 
Barbara Chaillou, Honorary Don
Mike Fares, Honorary Don

Class of 2019 (Inducted on February 22, 2019)

Reverend William Springer ’62
Reverend Jerry O’Donnell ’64
Monsignor Raymond East ’68
Very Reverend Monsignor Dennis Mikulanis ’69
Reverend Peter M. Escalante ’70
Reverend Michael Sinor ’70
Very Reverend Matthew Spahr ’78
Reverend Brian Hayes ’80
Most Reverend John P. Dolan ’81
Reverend Michael Ortiz, Honorary Don

Class of 2012 (Inducted on March 10, 2012)

Gloria Walton ‘44 
Brian Bennett ‘67
Bob Burson ‘67
Steven Boudreau ‘69
James M. Waters ‘73
Luis Alvarez ‘77
Judge Michael Smyth ‘81
Scott Marshall ‘85
Mattie Scarpella ‘86
Dawn Lee ‘89
Mike Alfred ‘99
Ryan Alfred ‘01
Monsignor John A. Dickie, Honorary Don

Class of 2010 (Inducted on April 17, 2010)

Larry Van Wey ‘62
Marshall LeTourneau ‘63
Bruce Binkowski ‘66
Mike Sexton ‘66
Mike Carey ‘67
Tom Wood ‘68
Rev. Peter Escalante ‘70
Phil Lebherz ‘71
John Cardosa ‘73
Mary Zorn Meissner ‘73
James F. Mulvaney, Jr. ‘74
Mark Snell ‘74
Kathy Shelburne ‘76
Sean Doyle ‘80
Antoinette Busalacchi ‘81
Martin Correia ‘87
Amy Goodpaster Strebe ‘87
Doug Abts ‘91
Amy O’Doriso ‘99

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