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Pacific Steel 5025 is an FRC robotics team composed of driven individuals that pursue excellence in STEM fields and beyond. Robotics gives students the opportunity to express their passion for creativity, drive for success and hunger to learn. Through each challenge, those involved in robotics grow more as students, as friends and as a team. 

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Robotics Team
Team Name

Pacific Steel

Team Number5025


  • Pacific Steel is a dedicated team with a mission to share its passion with others and motivate kids to not only be involved in STEM, but different fields such as business, marketing, management, etc.
  • The team is enthusiastic and excited to spread the knowledge and fun of robotics and to give back and serve the local community, as well as to inspire the next generation of STEM students.
  • Students involved in robotics are able to further their development into individuals of faith, determination and success.
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