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The Registrar, Hannah Yen, oversees and manages school records and student data. Contact the Registrar with any questions regarding student records.

Alumni may purchase a copy of their diploma. Pricing will vary depending on shipping and handling prices set by the external printing vendor Jostens. Diploma printing and shipping can take 4-6 business weeks. Submit your request by clicking the button below.

Submit Diploma Request


Alumni and current students may submit an official transcript request free of charge, and withdrawn students may request transcripts for $10. Transcript requests are available for delivery by mail or on-campus pickup. Please plan accordingly. All requests will receive an email notification when the transcripts are mailed out or when they are ready for pickup. The student (or parent guardian if under 18), is the only person authorized to order a transcript. No transcript will be sent without the student's or parent guardian's consent.

Class of 2024 senior students should NOT use this transcript request form during the
college application process. College counselors will review the process in Naviance with seniors this fall. Official transcripts will be sent by college counselors through Naviance during the application season.

Submit an Official Transcript Request (Alumni/Current Students)

Submit an Official Transcript Request (Withdrawn Students)*

*Withdrawn students, note:

  1. For School Family ID, input the student’s ID number OR the graduation year (i.e. 2021)
  2. Transcripts will be sent to the address provided in the Payer Details section. If this is a billing address, rather than the actual mail destination, follow the instructions below
    1. Wait to receive a confirmation email, which will have the information needed to notify the CCHS Registrar 
    2. Email the CCHS registrar at [email protected] the following:
      1. Confirmation number
      2. Student Name
      3. Mailing Address
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