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Special Education

Cathedral Catholic High School creates a supportive learning environment for all students. The staff is committed to meeting the needs of students who have learning disabilities or are otherwise in need of academic support.

Three different levels of programs are offered for students with documented learning disabilities:

Cathedral Catholic High School Special Education Program Overview

 Learning CenterAcademy ProgramOptions Program
CurriculumCollege preparatoryNot UC/CSU, nor A-GModified push-in 
Individualized math, reading and writing
Class ScheduleTypical 6 classes
Learning Center
Co-taught: English, science, social science, math
Push-in: electives and religion
Push-in for typical classes 
Math - Options 
Resource class - reading & writing
Resource ClassLearning Center Class 12:1SPED teacher 12:1Focus on reading and writing at independent level
Post High-SchoolCollege eligibleCommunity college 
Inclusive (non BA) college programs
District transition program 
Inclusive college program
Documentation Necessary
  • Psychoeducational evaluation (public or private)
  • Resulting diagnosis
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