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Cathedral Catholic's Counseling Program

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The mission of the Cathedral Catholic Counseling Office is to partner with the school’s community and support student development by strengthening a student’s faith, promoting individual achievement and fostering a balanced approach to wellness. 

  • The department is composed of two collaborative teams, school and college counselors, that offer individualized support based on grade-specific needs.
  • School counselors support students from freshman year through the fall of junior year, and college counselors then support students through the end of their senior year.
  • The Cathedral Catholic counseling program strives to develop intentional and meaningful connections with students to advocate for and cultivate an inclusive environment.

Statement of Confidentiality

The counseling relationship between students and their counselor requires an atmosphere of trust and confidence. Communication between counselors and students is confidential to allow for open and honest conversations.

  • That said, counselors are mandated reporters required by law to report to law enforcement or social services known or suspected cases of child abuse or neglect.
  • Counselors will also contact appropriate authorities or support personnel if necessary to prevent serious foreseeable harm to students, themselves or others.

Counseling Services 

Cathedral Catholic’s school counselors support students’ academic, career and social-emotional development needs through a comprehensive school counseling program designed to promote student success.

Grade 9

School counselors help freshmen in their transition from middle school to high school by introducing them to effective academic-success skills and by providing social-emotional support. Counselors also help freshmen assimilate into high school by proactively scheduling one-on-one meetings, helping them build four-year plans and cultivating connections between students and the Dons community.

Grade 10

School counselors continue to support students in their sophomore year with academics and social-emotional development. One-on-one counseling sessions occur in the spring to discuss course selection, various pathways after high school and possible career aspirations. School counselors introduce sophomores to Naviance, an online resource to explore colleges and learn more about the college application process.

Grade 11

School counselors support junior students in the fall before they transition to their college counselor in the second semester. Areas of support include exploring community involvement, leadership opportunities and extracurricular activities. Juniors will also have the exciting opportunity to meet and connect with college admissions representatives in the fall.

Grade 12

In the fall semester, college counselors present to 12th-grade classes and then meet individually with each senior to discuss and help organize the post-secondary process. Counselors support students by finalizing college lists, planning standardized testing, writing letters of recommendation, discussing financial aid and scholarships, hosting college application workshops and being available for students’ specific questions. 

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