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Our Vision

Cathedral Catholic High School continues to thrive as the premier Catholic high school in San Diego County. These standards help refine and clarify the school's unique brand, which is the result of over 65 years of rich history. This branding guide reflects the result of many months of research and refinement by relevant school stakeholders.

Primary Colors

Dons red (Pantone 200 C) and gold (Pantone 136 C) are Cathedral Catholic’s primary colors. These colors were chosen by Coach Robert E. "Bull" Trometter, who was the first head football coach at University of San Diego High School and father of four Dons alumni. 




The Cathedral Catholic brand uses several important logos. Each has a specific role and function.

School Seal

Cathedral Catholic High School's seal wholly embodies the school's mission. The swords represent the Don, the turret represents the school's architectural feel, the Dove represents the Holy Spirit, the Fleur de Lis is tied to the Sisters of St. Joseph Carondolet, who founded Cathedral Girls School and the olive branches are a symbol of peace. "Scientia Pro Deo et Patria" comes from the Uni crest and translates to "knowledge for God and country." Lastly, the four core values are symbolized in the keys, bible and candle, chalice and host and the calla lily. The keys are tied to the core value of responsibility as they represent the teaching role of the church. The bible and candle symbolize knowledge, the chalice and host represent the core value of faith and the calla lily represents character.

Downloadable seal files

Crest and Wordmark

The crest and wordmark are used as an alternative, secondary logo to represent Cathedral Catholic High School.

Downloadable crest and wordmark files

CC Ligature

The CC Ligature is used for both the academic and athletic brands at Cathedral Catholic.

Downloadable CC ligature files

Dons Wordmark

The Dons wordmark is primarily used for athletic branding purposes. This logo ties back to the University of San Diego High School.

Downloadable Dons wordmark files

Dons Alumni

The Dons Alumni logo represents all alumni from University of San Diego High School and Cathedral Catholic High School.

Downloadable Dons Alumni files


The official serif typeface of Cathedral Catholic is Trajan Pro. This font family is used primarily for headings and titles.

The official sans-serif typeface of Cathedral Catholic is Poppins. This font family is used in subheadings and in the body.

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