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Welcome to Cathedral Catholic High School of San Diego.

Cathedral Catholic is a large, diverse and faith-filled family. Our school leaders, administrators, faculty, counselors and support staff educate our students first and foremost, but also serve and minister to them daily.

Cathedral’s efforts to create a dynamic learning environment are richly rewarded by an always vibrant student body of emerging leaders, physicians, attorneys, accountants, scientists, mathematicians, linguists, philosophers, physicists, engineers, architects, writers, artists, musicians, theologians, thespians, educators, academicians and athletes who enrich the school family. It is gratifying to watch as Cathedral Catholic classmates mentor, encourage and bond with each other, often leading to lifelong friendships.

Cathedral Catholic Dons span generations. Our 18,000 Dons alumni contribute to and are an integral part of Cathedral's rich history. Past and current parents, San Diego Diocesan priests and the religious sisters and brothers who started and still nurture our educational ministry also make up the Dons family. Of course, the foundation of this family is God.

This is the beauty of Cathedral Catholic. Our 54-acre campus, state-of-the-art facilities and talented, caring and generous employees are ready for the next generation of Dons. Forming young people into the women and men God intended them to be is a distinguishing feature of Cathedral Catholic. Join us in our journey as we help lead San Diego into the future. Roll Dons!


Kevin J. Calkins, Ph.D.

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