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The Cathedral Catholic Mock Trial team is a great way to provide students with real experience in courtrooms before judges and lawyers to get to know the court system and increase understanding of judicial functions and procedures.

  • Students compete against other high schools across San Diego while building up to the final competition that takes place for a week in San Diego’s downtown courthouse with real judges presiding and real attorneys working as scorers.
  • Mock Trial is a fun way to build public speaking skills and develop a deeper understanding of court proceedings.
  • Participating in the program forces students to think critically to solve problems, as well as coordinate closely with fellow team members to develop a cohesive case theory.
  • Presenting the case as real attorneys would is immensely rewarding and presents an immense opportunity for personal growth.

In 2020 Cathedral Catholic Cathedral Catholic High School won the 14th annual San Diego County High School Mock Trial Competition, chaired by representatives of the San Diego County Superior Court and the San Diego County Bar Association. Over 600 students participated, and the team outperformed 31 other county high schools to win the annual legal competition. 

Mr. Bobrinskoy is the moderator and works with practicing attorneys from around the city who volunteer to help coach the students.

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