Dons Sports Hall of Fame

Congratulations to the 2020 Induction Class of the Dons Sports Hall of Fame who were inducted on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

Daniel Camarena
Class of 2011
Induction Video

Tyler Gaffney 
Class of 2009
Induction Video

Hannah Gilliland
Class of 2014
Induction Video

Coco Goodson
Class of 2008
Women’s Soccer
Induction Video

Victoria Lippert
Class of 2009
Women’s Basketball 
Induction Video

2008 CCHS Football Team
Induction Video

Doug McLean
Men’s Golf
Induction Video

Kelly O’Neill Drobeck
Class of 1991 / Coach
Women’s Volleyball 
Induction Video

Bob Vilven
Friend of Sport
Induction Video  

Click here to see the event photos from John Knudsen ’76. Read the story by El Cid.


The Dons Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 2001.  The Dons Sports Hall of Fame celebrates the outstanding accomplishments of individuals and teams at Cathedral Catholic High School, University of San Diego High School and Cathedral Girls School. 

The Dons Sports Hall of Fame also recognizes individuals who have given meritorious service or inspiration to the Dons Athletic Programs. 
Below is a complete list of all athletes, coaches, teams, and friend of sports who have been inducted to date. 
Please nominate deserving athletes, coaches or others that you think deserve to be inducted into the Dons Sports Hall of Fame. 

The nominations for the Induction Class of 2020 closed on November 12, 2019.

Dons Sports Hall of Fame Members


Andy Asaro ‘78
Nezi Balelo ‘81
Mike Correia ‘81
Seth Davidson ‘97
Steve Dunning ‘67 Tony Moeder ‘89
Gar Millay ‘83
Mark Prior ‘98
Carlos Quentin ‘00
Chris Richard ‘92
Barry Zito ‘96

Women’s Basketball

Amy Seidlinger ‘90

Men’s Basketball

David Abramowitz ‘98
John Cosentino ‘64
Josh Merrill ‘94
Rico Tucker ‘04
Nate Walton ‘96
Luke Walton ‘98
Hans Wichary ‘80

Women’s Cross Country

Rosanna Carrillo ‘84
Vanessa Hanley ‘95

Men’s Cross Country

Dave Harlan ‘77
Mike LeBold ‘75

Women’s Field Hockey

Beth Vechinski ‘97


Pete Adams ‘69
Robert Beckman ‘65
Ed Couppee ‘67
Justin Green ‘00
Bruce Ognibene ‘77
Stan Stress ‘65
Demetruis Sumler ‘06
Alavaro Virissimo ‘95
Ron Zenker ‘81

Men’s Golf

Phil Mickelson ‘88
Tim Mickelson ‘95
Mike Wydra ‘71
Manny Zerman ‘88


Women’s Soccer

Mandy Clemens ‘96
Toni Nunez ‘94 Angie Woznuk ‘03

Men’s Soccer

Frankie Sanfillipo ’99


Amy Booth ‘95
Genoa Grosch ‘95
Laura Ibarra ‘01
Kelly O’Neill Drobeck ‘91
Jade Quentin ‘97
Vicki Vechinski ‘91
Lisa Ziomkowski ‘86


Susan Eisele ‘95
Blake Hayter ‘06
Alison Terry ‘91

Women’s Tennis

Maureen Connolly ’52

Track & Field

Kristi Bache ‘88 Tom Bache ‘90
Zikarra Beverly ‘01
Joe Busalacchi ‘63
Drisana Carey ‘97
Anthony McClendon ‘82
Julie Ott ‘97
Rich Paxton ‘74
Eve Selis ‘81

Women’s Volleyball

Heidi Erpelding Morse ‘85
Kristina Hoban ‘02
Jenni Murrell ‘89
Michelle Rico Diamantides ‘91
Alicia Turner Lund ‘89
Pua Tuyay ‘99

Women’s Water Polo

Adria Cronk ‘98
Kelly Rulon ‘02 Katie Rulon ‘05
Moriah Van Norman ‘02

Men’s Water Polo

Brian Clemens ‘90
Randy Franke ‘84




Joe Amaral ‘69
Terry Sexton ‘69
Greg Williams ‘79

Friends of Sport

Tom Abts
Nancy Carballo
Bob Davies
Monsignor Dickie
Judy Eppler
Rick and Patti Ghio
Dr. Richard Kelly
Marshall Letourneau
Frank LoPreste
Colleen and Gene Robinson
Sr. Sara Sanders


James Cremin, Wrestling
Don DeAngelo, Swim
Ron Hamamoto, Football
Butch Lee, Women’s Soccer
Hector Macis, Men’s Basketball
Margaret Mauro, Softball
Wayne Napier, Wrestling
Dick Serrano, Baseball
Dave Thoennes, Tennis
Jim Tomey, Men’s Basketball
Bull Trometter, Football 


1964 Football
1978 Baseball
1998 Men’s Basketball
1997 Boy’s Tennis
1997 Women’s Track
1996 Women’s soccer
1995 Softball
1994 Football