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Why Support Cathedral Catholic?

Why Support Cathedral Catholic? Home Support Cathedral Catholic Why Support Cathedral Catholic?

The generosity of alumni, parents and friends of Cathedral Catholic allows us to continue offering the highest quality experience to the most qualified students. Every investment in Cathedral Catholic makes an impact for every student today and for the world tomorrow.

Financing Catholic education has always been a challenge. Today the Cathedral Catholic community needs support every bit as much as the early pioneers of Catholic schools did in the 1700s and 1800s. Similar to Catholic schools across the nation, Cathedral Catholic has three main sources of funding:

  • tuition (which does not cover the per-student cost of operation)
  • income from the school’s endowment
  • philanthropic support from the community.

The Advancement Office is dedicated to building community and raising money by planning and managing all school fundraising efforts. Some of the yearly events include the This Is Our House Annual Appeal, the annual Wine and Microbrew Tasting, the Dons Golf Classic and numerous alumni activities. Mini-campaigns for particular campus projects, growing the school endowments and scholarships and other fundraising and friendraising opportunities are also available.

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