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Cathedral Catholic High School’s Pre-Engineering Program is designed to provide students with the skills needed to succeed in future science, technology, engineering and mathematics degrees.

  • Upon graduation, students who have completed 8 required courses will receive a Graduated with a Distinction in Engineering recognition on their transcript.

The Pre-Engineering Program offers an exciting and challenging education, which entails rigorous technical course concepts related to real-world problems and solutions through hands-on, project-based learning.

  • The program is centered around problem-solving and applying current processes, skills and resources to real-world scenarios.
What the Program Offers
  • Educational and engaging off-campus industry tours
  • Local, state and national science and technology activities, including workshops, seminars and events
  • Industry workplace experiences
  • Daily use and access to the McSweeney Engineering Complex:
Computer Lab with industry-level programs and capabilities 
CAD/CAM software CNC milling machine
3D printingCNC plasma cutting machine
Project testing facilityRaw materials
  • Preparation for the challenges of college and professional STEM-related fields:
Developing students’ time-management organizational processes
Scientific analytical thinking skills
Problem-solving techniques
Technical knowledge
Who can participate

Students who are interested in…

  • Hands-on laboratory projects
  • Innovative and creative thinking
  • Collaborative team and group problem solving
  • Innovative instruction
  • Pursuing a STEM degree
Required Courses
Introduction to STEAMAP Computer Science A
Advanced STEAMAP Chemistry or AP Biology
4th Year STEAM Capstone and PracticumAP Physics 1 or higher level physics
Engineering DesignAP Calculus AB or higher-level calculus

For more information, contact Mr. Andrew Knoll.


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