Prayer, Liturgy, and Mass


Cathedral Catholic High School is a Catholic faith community first and foremost. Each member of our community is encouraged and supported on their personal spiritual journey.  We celebrate and strengthen our faith through prayer and liturgical experiences that mark each day and season.

Community Prayer

Our school prayer is part of the lived spirituality of CCHS.  It is recited as our morning prayer every Friday and included during our Eucharistic celebration at every all-school mass. It provides the framework for our retreat program and is central to our ‘way of being’ on campus and in the world.

Lord Jesus Christ, 
Let my gifts change the world,
help us live the call, 
build the Kingdom, 
Veni Sancte Spiritus. 
(translation – Come Holy Spirit)

Daily School

Each school day begins with a student led prayer. Classroom prayer at the beginning of each class reinforces the centrality of prayer in our lives and the lives of our students.

Other Prayer Opportunities

The St. Thérèse Chapel is open and available for students before, during and after school for all members of our community.  The beautiful Chapel and serene garden areas are quiet spaces for contemplation and prayer. CCHS often offers rosaries, various prayer interactions (such as Lenten Eucharistic adoration, novenas, etc.). Our campus priests hold lunchtime Bible study and other prayer groups.  Mission & Ministry and Campus Ministry classes host Chapel Nights for students which include opportunities for community building, Eucharistic adoration, praise and worship, reconciliation, service and other spiritual experiences. Drop in to the Mission & Ministry office for details on current opportunities.

Faith Lunch with the Miles Christi:

Our campus Miles Christi priests hold lunchtime faith talks, faith community and Bible study – for boys on Tuesdays at lunch and for girls on Thursdays at lunch. 

When we are online the virtual meeting is held on Google Meet – code faithlunch – which is accessible through a email only.

Liturgy & Mass

Liturgy of the Eucharist

At the celebration of the Eucharist we recognize that we are the Body of Christ, becoming what we receive. Students, faculty, staff and our CCHS families are invited to attend all-school and special Eucharistic liturgies.  

All School Liturgy 

This fall CCHS welcomes all students, families and employees to our outside, all community mass in front of our Chapel.  Please join us!

Date: Most Fridays (see school calendar)
Time: 9:00 am (suggested arrival 8:30 am – 8:45 am)
Location: Academic Quad at CCHS
Attire: Spirit Dress (red shirts)
Parking: in the main parking lot (aka Senior lot) and enter through the main gates

CCHS will follow safety guidelines and liturgy protocols provided by the Diocese of San Diego for liturgy.

Safety Notes for Attending:  

  • Wear a mask at all times (only exceptions made for those with speaking roles during Mass).
  • Your temperature will be taken at the gate before entering campus.
  • STAY 6 FEET APART from non-family members AT ALL TIMES.
  • Please do not move chairs in the seating area as it will compromise social distancing from others.
  • Restrooms are available in classroom buildings, please follow the directional arrows on the hallway floors when entering/leaving the buildings.
  • Please follow instructions provided regarding directional movement, processes for Communion, departure, etc. to ensure the safety for all.
  • Please no gathering or meeting on campus after Mass.
  • Exit through the main gate near Guadalupe Theater.

We look forward to celebrating all school Mass with you.

Tuesday/Thursday Morning Masses

Liturgy of the Eucharist normally lasts about half an hour.  Thus students are able to nurture their faith, build community and make it to their first class on time.

Parents wishing to be part of our Parents in Prayer group are welcome to join in the Tuesday and Thursday morning masses prior to their prayer gathering.

Day:  Tuesday/Thursday
Time:  7:15 am
Location:  Chapel Garden, please enter through the garden gate not the Chapel doors.

Parents in Prayer

The purpose of CCHS Parents in Prayer is to pray together for the well being of our CCHS students, families, alumni, administration, teachers, employees, and our priests and bishops.  We include very specific intentions as we give everyone a chance to mention their particular prayer out loud or to keep in their hearts. We pray together once a week, on Tuesdays at 8am in the St. Therese Chapel or Chapel Gardens, and concurrently thru Zoom for those who prefer to pray from home. We pray the Rosary and other forms of prayer. All are welcomed and appreciated. If there are any questions, please feel free to email Jennay at

Please see below the Zoom link for our LIVE Tuesday prayer time:

Day & Time:  Every Tuesday at 8:00am (or come early for morning Mass in the St. Therese Chapel Garden at 7:15am)
Location: St. Therese Chapel, CCHS Campus or virtually thru zoom