Caritas Award

“Caritas” is a type of love that glorifies and reflects the nature of God. The Caritas Award recognizes students for this type of unlimited loving-kindness (caritas) towards others. CCHS students that have completed over 100 approved hours of Faith In Action Service in a twelve-month period are eligible to apply. Students also become eligible to receive the Presidential Service Award when completing 100 hours of approved hours in a twelve-month period.

To receive this award, students must complete the application below by the deadline specified in the CCHS Daily Bulletin each semester. Students must record their service on the Service Records page.

In order for volunteer hours to be accepted for the CCHS Caritas Award, please be aware that supervisory or organizational verification of the service must be included for all submitted service hours. 

Please use the following Service Supervisory Approval Form or any verification the organization where you volunteer is able to provide. 

Students are recognized at a special luncheon in either the fall or the spring. Students may receive each award only one time in a CCHS academic year.

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