COVID-19 Communications

Cathedral Catholic has been working hard preparing for a return to in-person classes in the Hybrid Educational Model.  

The safety of students and employees is a priority, and Governor Newsom’s new criteria challenges us to adjust our plans-temporarily-as we sure up our safety protocols and guidelines. Until the County of San Diego has been off the watch list for 14 days, Cathedral Catholic High School will be implementing the Dons Online Learning Program.

The moment San Diego County is off the watch list for 14 days, Cathedral Catholic will quickly pivot back to a Hybrid Educational Model, with the goal of everyone fully returning to campus. When we do return to campus, families who do not feel comfortable returning to campus will have the option to attend classes via the Dons Online Learning Program. Additionally, here is a link to our Reopening Plan to address health and safety guidelines.

If you were not able to join Dr. Kevin Calkins and Mr. Steve Laaperi on the webinar, you may watch here:

More information on the start of the 2020-2021 School Year.