Counseling Department

The Cathedral Catholic High School Counseling Office is designed to assist students in preparing to be lifelong learners. Students will have a guidance counselor for freshman year through fall of junior year to focus on the transition to high school, academic performance, social needs and college exploration. In the spring of junior year, students will transition to their college counselor to finalize and execute post-high school plans.

The Counseling Department is located
in the USDHS Academic Center.

Please check in with Mrs. Flynn. 

Below are the counselor breakdowns for all students.

School Counselors Grades 9 – 10

A-Do:     Jesse Gonzalez

Dp-Le:    Tiffany Norris

        Lf-Re:     Alli Eppers

Rf-Z:       Emily Cullen

School Counselors Grade 11 (Fall Semester)

A-Go:       Jesse Gonzalez

Gp-O:      Tiffany Norris

P-Z:          Emily Cullen

College Counselors Grades 11 (Spring Semester) – 12

A-Do:     Kristen Micho

Dp-Le:     Felicia Young

       Lf-Re:      Julia Tushaus

Rf-Z:       Colette Reid

To serve you most effectively, we ask that you make an appointment to see your counselor (unless it is an emergency). Contact information for each counselor is listed below:

Dean of Counseling & Wellness
Ashley Bascom
(858) 523-4000 ext. 1193

School Counselor
Emily Cullen
(858) 523-4000 ext. 1197

School Counselor
Alli Eppers
(858) 523-4000 ext. 1198

School Counselor
Jesse Gonzalez
(858) 523-4000 ext. 1191

School Counselor
Tiffany Norris
(858) 523-4000 ext. 1194

College Counselor
Kristen Micho
(858) 523-4000 ext. 1199

Cathedral Catholic High School Counseling   College Counselor
   Julia Tushaus
   (858) 523-4000 ext. 1196

College Counselor
Colette Reid
(858) 523-4000 ext. 1195

College Counselor
Felicia Young
(858) 523-4000 ext. 1192

Information for College Representatives:

If you would like to schedule a fall visit, please use RepVisits to book a date and time.

CCHS hosts an annual College Fair in October. Please visit our Rep Visits & College Fair webpage, found here.

Counseling Office Assistant
Denise Flynn
(858) 523-4000 ext. 1193