Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Curriculum like at CCHS?

CCHS is a college preparatory school.  Close to one hundred percent of our students attend colleges and universities across the nation. Honors and Advanced Placement courses are offered in English, Social Science, Mathematics, Science, Languages, and Visual and Performing Arts. A Learning Center is available for students with learning differences.

Cathedral Catholic High School Curriculum Guide

2. How Does the Common Core Affect CCHS?

Cathedral Catholic’s curriculum does not strictly follow the Common Core Standards, rather, it follows a path that will cover all content that the Common Core requires.  Our students do not participate in state mandated testing, therefore it is not necessary to have a school-wide implementation of the Common Core. The college entrance tests and the approval process of curriculum through the University of California A-G course requirements incorporate certain aspects of the Common Core. For this reason, we continue to meet the academic needs of the students, yet stay in control of our curriculum.

3. Do Students Wear Uniforms?

Students follow dress code guidelines. Every student must purchase their official CCHS polo shirts and outerwear at the school’s student store or at one of the recycled clothing sales. All other clothing options may be purchased at the family’s store-of-choice but must adhere to the following dress code guidelines.

4. Can I Visit CCHS During the Admission Process?

Small family tours are conducted by appointment only. Tours are designed to be an opportunity to see the Cathedral Catholic campus. Staff will guide you around the campus, show you classrooms, and answer questions. Please contact Mrs. Cheryl Bui in the Admission Office to schedule your tour at or at (858) 523-4000. Scheduled tours begin at 2:30 p.m.

5. Is there an Entrance Exam Required for Admission?

9th grade applicants for 2022-2023 consideration who have submitted their application by January 22, 2022 will automatically be signed up to take a placement assessment. The placement assessment is mandatory to aid in the placement of 9th grade courses. *Please stay tuned to your weekly Admissions newsletters for updates. To be added to our newsletter, simply complete an inquiry form here.*

6. What is CCHS Looking for in a Student?

We are looking for students who have demonstrated a strong commitment to spirituality, as well as a dedication to their academic and extra-curricular activities.

7. What is the Review Process for an Application?

Each application undergoes a review process that is specific to the application. The review process includes review of application, supporting documentation (transcripts, recommendations) and a family interview.

The Review Committee is made up of Administrators, Counselors and Faculty. Application review begins in February and continues throughout the month.

8. What is Your Policy on Siblings in the Admission Process?

There is no specific policy on siblings. We like to keep families together, but never at the expense of a student’s development and overall success.

9. Is Financial Aid Available?

Cathedral Catholic High School is committed to ensuring the socio-economic diversity of our community by providing approximately 35% of our students some level of financial aid. Our Financial Aid Grants are need-based, and a family’s request for Financial Aid is considered independent of the admission and enrollment process.

Students who are interested in applying for tuition assistance may submit an application beginning September 7, 2021.

Please note that tuition assistance grants for the 2022-2023 freshman class are only available to student applicants who submit a complete application.

10. Are There Scholarship Opportunities for Incoming Freshmen?

The Scholarship Program for applicants for the fall 2022 will be announced in October 2021.

*Please stay tuned to your weekly Admissions newsletters for updates. To be added to our newsletter, simply complete an inquiry form here.*

11. Do CCHS Families Carpool?

YES! Cathedral Catholic serves families from all over San Diego.

Families work together to arrange carpools for their students, based on activities, location, and family schedules.