Options Program

The Options Program provides students with intellectual disabilities and/or delays an opportunity to become a part of the Cathedral Catholic community. Students enrolled in the Options Program will become as fully integrated as possible into the total life of the school community through participation in general education classes and campus activities. The Options Program provides intensive, individualized instruction using research-based methodologies to maximize students’ potential. In addition, a peer mentor program is utilized to help aide in this path of inclusion.


Peer Mentors

The Options Program is a yearlong course where selected students have the opportunity to work with the students enrolled in the options program. The peer mentors act as academic role models, working with the Options students to create positive study skills. They assist in one-to-one tutoring and accompany the Options students to their classes. These mentors also help facilitate social participation by eating with the students at lunch and attending school functions with them. The options program is not only beneficial to its students, but to its peer mentors as well. It teaches the mentors qualities you can’t learn from a book: patience, character, tolerance, compassion, and respect. Living out these values encourages the rest of their student body to follow the example that the Option Program sets. Applying these traits prepares the mentors and the CCHS student body for a world beyond high school.

Admission Requirements

Students must demonstrate:

  • The desire to grow closer to God by taking part in spiritual opportunities provided by school.
  • A willingness and ability to participate in the rights and responsibilities of students as stated in the CCHS handbook.
  • Minimum level of academic achievement, which indicates success in past learning environments.
  • Interest in the learning process, exemplifying curiosity and motivation.
  • An ability to work in group situations with minimal distraction to themselves and others.
  • Ability to independently perform all activities of daily living, such as toileting, dressing, washing, etc.

Options Program Inquiry

If you would like further information or to set up an appointment, please contact Dr. Megan Burton at mburton@cathedralcatholic.org  or fill out this inquiry form.


  1. Who is eligible for this program?
    Students who function at a 2nd-6th grade academic level and meet the admissions requirements.
  2. Is it diploma bound?
    No. It is not diploma bound, however, students receive a certificate of achievement representing completion of a four year modified program.
  3. What is the first step in applying?
    Interested students should fill out the inquiry on the Options Program inquiry page.
  4. Are the students involved in extra curricular activities?
    Yes, the students can choose to participate in sports, drama productions, clubs, and other activities offered by the school.
  5. Can students from all high school grades apply?
    No, students must be incoming freshman.