Learning Center

The Cathedral Catholic Learning Center serves students with diagnosed learning differences. This includes students who are identified with a processing or reading disorder, in addition to, students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, ADD) or other identifications. The Learning Center staff strives to provide such students with support for their learning challenges within the requirements of CCHS’ college preparatory curriculum. Deeply convinced that each student has individual talents that need to be developed and nurtured, the CCHS Learning Center Staff is committed to the belief that all students can and will learn if provided with the appropriate environment, accommodations and support. The expectations of the school is that students learning skills and a sense of personal responsibility and accountability so that they may move towards being independent learners.

The administration, faculty, and staff realize that while we cannot serve the needs of all students with special learning needs, students who fit the classical definition of learning disabled can and should be offered the spiritual, emotional and educational benefits of a Catholic community. The school reserves the right to determine which services may be offered and we are convinced that with some adaptation of the curriculum and accommodations for individual learning needs and styles, learning challenged students can be vital and contributing members of our Christian educational community. We further believe that our acceptance of the learning challenged enriches not only their educational experience, but also helps to sensitize this entire community to the value and uniqueness of each individual and the diversity present in our world.

Students who are enrolled in the Learning Center may receive accommodations that include extended time for testing, assignment to the Learning Center for a class period for extra support, and other appropriate accommodations. Eligibility for Learning Center services is strictly enforced. If a parent or a guardian feels that their student may have a learning disability, then he or she should contact the Director of Academic Support, Dr. Megan Burton at 858-523-4000 ext. 1215, regarding the procedure for seeking assessment through the public school district. If an applying student has an up to date IEP or a psycho-educational evaluation then a copy should be provided to the school via the Admissions Office for review by the Director of Academic Support.