Our Students Are

People of faith who

  • Identify and explain Church teachings and practices
  • Practice and reflect upon the Catholic values of charity, service, and social justice
  • Participate in the sacramental life of the Church
  • Contribute to a school environment that fosters love, compassion, and peace

Skilled lifelong learners who

  • Acquire knowledge and skills that lead to intellectual inquiry
  • Communicate effectively and responsibly through a variety of media
  • Innovate and use 21st Century tools
  • Solve problems individually and collaboratively

People of character who

  • Respect themselves and others
  • Value diverse people and cultures
  • Practice ethical citizenship and leadership
  • Build the Kingdom by making moral choices to improve themselves and their community

Responsible individuals who

  • Demonstrate independence and initiative as learners
  • Engage in the global community
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle and nurturing relationships
  • Apply their gifts to change the world