ASB Clubs

ASB Mission Statement: The Associated Student Body of CCHS is a group of student leaders dedicated to the mission and spirit of the Cathedral Catholic High School, and who serve and connect students, faculty, staff, and the CCHS community at large through events and activities.

Approved clubs reflect the inherent values of Cathedral Catholic High School and our Catholic faith; in addition, they aid in enriching the community and fostering camaraderie.  Clubs are open to all CCHS students and welcome interested members throughout the year.

*New club to CCHS for 2016-2017

American Cancer Society*

Club Leaders: Chloe Torrence and Lily Knudsen

Club Moderator: Mr. Hernandez, DS208

The American Cancer Society is committed to helping people stay well, get well, and fight back against cancer and is a nationwide, community-based, voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service.

Anime Club

Club Leaders:  Darby Goodell and Vivian Galindo

Club Moderator:  Mrs. Perry, DS102

Anime Clubs strives to provide a positive social environment where both anime beginners and enthusiasts can come together over a common interest. Our group is a place to gather  to discuss, analyze, and debate on selected shows. We will have activities on cosplaying, character design, Japanese culture, manga and anime.

ASL Club

Club Leaders:  Brittney Beeche and Taylor Ifrid

Club Moderator: Mr. Kaufmann, C102

Our mission is to just bring the joy that we get from American Sign Language and share that with others. We would also like to encourage and educate those who may not be in an ASL class but are still interested in signing. We will create an environment where people can express themselves and don’t feel judged.

Aviation Club*

Club Leaders:  Braden Boggs and Kyle Gallagher

Club Moderator:  Mr. Vitton, D119

In Aviation Club we explore the different career opportunities within the field of aviation as well as play games and watch movies, of course, about aviation! We also do frequent raffles with amazing prizes such as a free day trips to different places! Both of our club leaders are active student pilots and can help those that are interested in becoming an active member in the aviation community.

Book Club

Club Leaders: Mikayla Kappes and Alexis Yannuzzi

Club Moderator:  Ms. Allari, A211

Book club will follow the classic book club model —  reading books as a club and then discussing them during meetings. We have selected the following list of books to tackle this year (though we may add or eliminate a book based on scheduling). We have the links to pdf versions of all these books so that our members will not be required to pay for the ebook or obtain a physical copy in order to read with us.

1. Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

2. Room by Emma Donoghue

3. The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown

4. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

5. My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga

6. Blockade Billy by Stephen King

7. The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

Charity Water* 

Club Leaders: Nate Bizzack and Claire Coll

Club Moderator:  Ms. Kirby, A204

Charity Water advocates for the organization Charity Water. Our intent is to spread the message of Charity Water which is to provide safe drinking water to our brothers and sisters across the globe.  Charity Water’s goal is to move our community to do something about the pressing issue of clean and safe drinking water.“Water is a human right and should not be bought or sold.”

Disney Club*

Club Leaders:  Katy Rhodes and Alicia Morales

Club Moderator:  Ms. Gustafson DS 207

Our mission is to spread the love we have for Disney with  others. Our club will be a fun way for new people to meet each other and make new friends. Students can relieve stress, rejuvenate their minds, and just have a little fun through a Disney experience during lunch.

Doctor Who Club*

Club Leaders: Matthew Limberg and Lauren Alberton

Club Moderator:  Ms. Bailleul, A104

The British television series Doctor Who has been around for over 50 years and is continually evolving. The Doctor Who Club wants to promote social interaction and camaraderie though open exchange of ideas and free discussion about one of the world’s longest running television shows. We will use critical thinking to discuss and critique themes and messages in Sci Fi media and become better students by applying those critical thinking skills to school.

Eat Right, Be Right*

Club Leaders:  Courtney Alioto and Molly Fitzsimmons

Club Moderator:  Ms. Layana, A206

The purpose of Eat Right, Be Right is to inform and help others make healthy and happy lifestyle decisions.  Our goal is to provide stress management, fitness, and diet advice.

Environmental Club

Club Leaders:  Katie Van Deventer and Alexis Bone

Club Moderator: Ms. Higgins, D210

Environment Club has been an established club at Cathedral since the school was University of San Diego High School. We work to make Cathedral “greener” by proposing environmentally sound ideas and projects. The club also sorts recycling every Friday after school.

French Cultural Awareness Club

Club Leaders:  Olina Philippousssis and Isabel Valencia

Club Moderator:  Mrs. Chaillou, C206

The purpose of French Club is to spread awareness on French food, French holidays, and French culture in general. It allows students to learn about all things French, and immerse themselves in a new culture. French club will be hosting an outing to melting pot, and possible have a mini “crepe party.” While there are other cultural awareness clubs, French club is unique because it is the only club that focuses specifically on French culture. French club allows either French students or those interested in French culture to eat French food and learn about francophone countries.


Garden Club

Club Leader: Olivia Morse

Club Moderator:  Mrs. Wisniew, D201

In order to live in a more sustainable way and be aware of our environment, CCHS Garden Club encourages the sustainable use of natural resources in a climate friendly Garden.

Glee Club

Club Leaders: Maddie Alecoa and Jenna Viana

Club Moderator: Ms. Wilson, GC1

Glee club is a positive and safe place for anyone who loves to sing and who wants to share their passion with like minded people in a practice and performance based club.

Hispanic Cultural Awareness Club

Club Leaders: Ana Aiza and Nicole Argueta

Club Moderator: Mr. Caro, A202

Our club is aimed at spreading the Hispanic culture across campus and uniting the Hispanic community. We hope to share with those who would like to learn more about the culture, such as Latin traditions, food, language, and customs.

Interact Club

Club Leader:  Victoria Reneteria

Club Moderator:  Mrs. Milligan, A109

Interact Club organizes two projects every year, one that helps our school or community and one that promotes international understanding. Interacts carry out hands-on service projects, makes international connections, and helps develop leadership skills through understanding how important it is to be a leader. We are sponsored by the Del Mar Rotary Club and with their help and support we will create service projects to help our community. As a club we will go help out and pick up trash at local beaches, help feed the homeless at St. Vincent de Paul, create food or clothe drives to help the needy, and if possible we will help build houses in Tijuana.

Knots of Love

Club Leader: Sophia Battiata

Club Moderator: Ms. Goyette, A212

We are a service club that makes double sided fleece blankets for underprivileged children. At our meetings we come together and cut and tie the knots on the blankets and say a prayer after a blanket is finished. The first night kids are taken from their homes by DCFS, they spend a night without any personal belongings. Every few months we donate the blankets to a charity called Helen’s Closet that can give the blankets to these children.

Latin Club

Club Leader: Dane Scott

Club Moderator: Ms. Webb, C107

Through fun games and activities, the CCHS Latin Club strives to foster an interest and appreciation for the languages and cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome and to encourage an understanding of the cultural debt Western Culture owes to these classical civilizations.

Let Girls Learn*

Club Leaders: Cristina Pedler and Rylie Walsh

Club Moderator:  Dr.Williams, A102

Let Girls Learn is a United States government initiative started by First Lady Michele Obama to help girls around the world get the education they deserve. Some girls do not have the opportunity or financial means necessary to receive an education. Some are unable to overcome cultural and geographical obstacles in order to reach school, while others lack the support they need to learn. Let Girls Learn recognizes the importance of providing the means for every person to receive an education, not only to improve their lives and the lives of their families, but to strengthen society as a whole and help end the cycle of poverty. Our intent is to educate the CCHS community on the issue in effort to raise awareness in our community and empower them to take action.

MDA Matters

Club Leaders:  Molly O’Connor and Sarah Kirby

Club Moderator:  Mrs. Ellis D107

MDA Matters exists to widen the muscular dystrophy community by spreading awareness and assisting those suffering from the many forms of this disease.

Model United Nations Club*

Club Leader: Rachel Huang

Club Moderator: Ms. DeSantis, A107


The Model United Nations Club is an academic and global political role playing club. The club models itself after the United Nations and adopts the languages, rules, topics, and world nations. The mission of the club is to aid in creating school leaders through enhancing students’ writing and speech skills and improving their abilities problem solving.  We hope to mold future world leaders by teaching students about diplomacy, international relations, foreign policy, and the United Nations.

Music Ministry Club*

Club Leaders:  Garrett Cleary and Mia Garcia

Club Moderator: Ms. Swift, GC5

Music ministry is a club committed to fostering enthusiasm for music and coming together to serve our community.

We spread the joy of music with our classmates at Cathedral Catholic through Monday jam sessions and musical discussion. Our club will be a form of communication for students who share a love for music. We also plan one or two service trips to help our local community with the power of music.

Options Club*

Club Leaders:  Hayley Lusti and Elizabeth Rott

Club Moderator: Mrs. Pehl, D108

The Options Club is a club based on Cathedral Catholic’s Option Program, which helps mentor students at our school with mental disabilities in class, lunch, sports games and dances. The Options Club is an outreach club that will let the students of Cathedral know more about the Options Program so that they can be more understanding.

Outreach for Nazareth Orphanage

Club Leaders: Montanna Kirven and Matthew Kirven

Club Moderator:  Ms. Kirby, A204

Outreach for Nazareth Orphanage Club supports an orphanage in Tecate, Mexico by creating “care packages” for the kids to be delivered throughout the year. To accomplish this goal, club leaders, Montanna and Matthew, will collect donated items through their parish and neighborhood businesses and encourage club members by providing them with resources to do the same in their local communities. Then club members will work on creating “care packages” for the kids during club meetings. Club meetings will often include arts and crafts projects to accomplish this. Montanna and Matthew will then deliver the finished projects during the 4 mission trips to the orphanage throughout the school year.

Paws for Cause Club*

Club Leaders: Alyssa Roche and Claire Barthelemey

Club Moderator: Mrs. Noerenberg, D116

The Paws for a Cause Club at Cathedral is a group of students who are willing to doing everything they can to help animals in need, spread awareness for our four-legged friends who can’t do it themselves, and most importantly, to have fun while doing something the students love. The goal of the club is to bring students together who love animals and want to help make their life a little better.  Every 6 weeks the club, along with Ms. Noerenberg, volunteer at either the Humane Society or Helen Woodward Animal Shelter.

Project One

Club Leaders: Ellie O’Hara and Kate Bieraugel

Club Moderator:  Ms. Allari, A211

Our club represents charity and the importance of giving up some of our time to better our community. Project One aspires to be a club that successfully reaches out to communities besides our own that are in need of a little extra help and love. Our club also does our best to always think of others needs before ourselves and pray for the people in other countries and around the world. Project One provides gifts for children who are in need of Christmas presents or families that are in need of cooking utensils or school supplies; we aim to help as many people as we can, through our individual projects we work on every meeting. Our goal is also to remind the students of CCHS, and everyone who is interested, of the existing poverty around the world that is often ignored.

Role Playing Games Club

Club Leader:  Paul Renshaw

Club Moderator:  Mr. Colden, C203

In RPG Club, we provide students with the opportunity to experience the fun of classic tabletop role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, or Munchkin. In these games, members of the club take on the role of a character they created, whether that be an adventurer on an epic quest, a pirate roaming the high seas, or a humble apothecary seeking good.

Ronald McDonal House Club

Club Leaders:  Michaela Montgomery and Tess Powers

Club Moderator:  Mrs. Noerenberg, D116

The Ronald McDonald house itself relies on community support and volunteers to provide families with a place to stay, meals, and educational services as their child receives critical medical care. The purpose of the Ronald McDonald House Club is to build awareness, make connections, develop compassion, and leave a positive impact at the Ronald McDonald House in San Diego. Members will develop a strong sense of compassion and understanding through serving others, as Jesus calls us to do, while learning about grace and humility; we hope that club members will be able to take these experiences with them as they graduate from Cathedral and make a positive impact in the world.

Students Serving Seniors*

Club Leaders:  Anne Burke and Lyndsey Hightower

Club Moderator: Mrs. Cairns, A210

Our club is focused on serving the senior citizens at the Nazareth House. Throughout the year, our club will offer service opportunities for students to go down to the Nazareth house with our moderator and interact with the seniors by setting up and participating in Mass and events, playing games such as Bingo or cards, and making crafts with them.


Sweet Scripture

Club Leaders:  Emily Smedley and Kiki Carney

Club Moderator: Ms. LaPorte, DS202

Our club is a place where students can gather once a month and not only grow in their faith by listening to special guest speakers, but also learn more about the holy scripture of our Catholic religion by focusing on specific bible verses. It’s a safe environment for friends in all grades to strengthen their knowledge of Christ, and of course enjoy sweets at every meeting.



The Young NBA GM’s Club*

Club Leaders:  Andrew Dow and Abby Gausepohl

Club Moderator:  Mr. Collins, A105

The young NBA GM club helps,teaches, and simulates a real NBA general manager experience and helps students with problem solving skills in a social and fun atmosphere and also will help students who are interested in a sports management or business path later in life. The essential idea of the club is that each member or two members will pick their own NBA team name and then will pick a team in a fantasy basketball like type of game and talk about their teams and compete against each other throughout the year.

Urban Dance Club (formerly the Hip Hop Dance Club)

Club Leaders:  Aaron Quini and Emily Rowan

Club Moderator: Mr. Hill, C207 and Green Room

A Warm Hug Foundation*

Club Leaders: Carolina Salome and Katya Aguilar

Club Moderator: Mr. Caro, A202

A Warm Hug Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in the Fall of 2015 by young teens who started this project when they saw that they could change something in the world but knew they had to start small, in their community. The foundation is dedicated to collecting blankets and warm clothes for those in need. 

Animator’s Club*

Club Leader:  Madeleine Moreau

Club Moderator: Ms. Brandeberry, GC2

The Animator’s Club is a group designed to allow students to work together to create art in the form of animations.  This club is intended to allow students to work together as a team to create animations of various forms, and to learn how animation works. We will create small projects to work on, in various styles such as stop motion and 2D animation.  Our goal is to create an animated short.

Art Club

Club Leaders: Natalie Plumb and LeeAnn Bates

Club Moderators: Ms. Brandeberry and Ms. Packer, GC2

The CCHS Art Club is dedicated to providing all students at CCHS with an opportunity to get involved with all forms of visual art, even if they are not currently taking or never have taken an art class. We want to spread the beauty and creativity that comes from creating art and the culture that surrounds it.

Autism Tree

Club Leader: Kate Petosa

Club Moderator: Mrs. Pehl, D108

Autism Tree is a group dedicated to improving communities by mentoring teens that have autism. We mentor fellow teens that are autistic with different activities like movie nights, crafts, and other games. We hold these events off campus throughout the county. Autism Tree is a fun way to meet new people and help mentor fellow teens that have autism.

Better Together:  An Interfaith Club*

Club Leader: Jennifer DeSantis

Club Moderator: Ms. DeSantis, A107

The Better Together Club creates a safe forum for students to share their religions and/or cultural heritages in order to foster tolerance on campus. In a cooperative setting, the members of the club learn about the faith lives of their peers, and learn how to be respectful and courteous of other faiths and practices. Tolerance is the core of our club which is designed to make students feel safe to share their faith traditions, culture with others, and feel welcome and supported on the Cathedral campus.

The Bowling Club*

Club Leaders:  Zach Horan and Patrick Granahan

Club Moderator:  Mr. Wenclewicz, D101

The objective of the Bowling Club is to  bring as many people together through a mutual love of bowling and friendship.  Students will meet to watch bowling competitions, discuss bowling techniques, and plan bowling excursions with our moderator.

Catholic Worker Community

Club Leaders:  Katie Kinsey and Cat Killeen

Club Moderator:  Ms. Perry, DS 102

In the spirt of the Catholic Workers founders Dorthy Day and Peter Maurin, the CCHS Catholic Worker Community “would like to change the world” through service to the poor, the sick, and the marginalized- anyone in need.

” We throw our pebble in the pond and are confident that its ever widening circle will reach around the world.” –Dorothy Day

Cards in Hand Club

Club Leaders:  Melissa Mladenik and Alex Kosen

Club Moderator:  Mrs. McHugh, D111

The Cards in Hand Club is a club which allows students a place to meet new people as they play card games during lunch.  Games that we play are Uno, Hearts, Egyptian War, Apples to Apples, Dix It, Go Fish, War, and many others.  All are welcome!

CCHS Shakespeare Society*

Club Leader:  Emily O’Heir

Club Moderator:  Dr. Williams, A102

It is the mission of the CCHS Shakespeare Society to bring together young Shakespearian actors and to introduce new people to the sonnets and plays of the bard through student-directed work. Our goal is both to perform in the festival in May as well as to turn Shakespeare into a more accessible form of theater through the formation of a young acting community.

Chess Club

Club Leader: Orry Mariano

Club Moderator:  Mr. Collins, A105

To play chess. To get better at chess. To compete at chess.

The mission of the Chess Club is to promote the study and knowledge of the game of chess, for its own sake as an art and enjoyment, as well as a means for the improvement of individuals and society as a whole.

Computer Science Club

Club Leaders:  Tommy Twomey and Nick Hansen

Club Moderators:  Mrs. Garcia and Mr. Whitmarsh, D212

The CCHS Computer Science Club is dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by helping to expose members of the CCHS learning community to the fundamentals of coding.  We want to expand our community’s understanding and knowledge of how computer science is used in our every day lives. We believe computer science and computer coding has evolved into an essential subject that should be part of every modern day core curriculum.

Don-trepreneurship Club*

Club Leaders:  Magdalene Tomcho and Michelle Sinclair

Club Moderator: Mr. Rickling, D106

The Don-trepreneurship Club is a group of students interested in learning about entrepreneurship. The students will have hands on learning about business plans, along with multiple speakers (alumni and other local business owners) who will come in throughout the year to talk with the members. Members will also have the opportunity to compete with local schools in different competitions.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Club Leaders:  Olivia Spears and Kayleen Afsahi

Club Moderator:  Mr. Remiker, D103

Our club is modeled after the national organization of FCA which is an interdenominational Christian sports ministry to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. Our club is a place where all can come to share and stay true to our faith.  The mission of our club is “to present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.”

FIDM Fashion Club

Club Leaders:  Gia Galardi and Cameron King

Club Moderator: Ms. Roberges, A110

The FIDM Fashion Club is a club where you students can share their love of fashion with others and express their own personal style! Our goal is to inspire each other to be ourselves through our own unique style and learn more about the fashion world through Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise. 

Frost! Eat! Sing!

Club Leaders:  Olivia Ventvertloh and Sofia Palomas

Club Moderator: Ms. Osmus, A101

Frost, Eat, Sing! is a social club where we meet to discuss cupcakes. We talk about healthy alternatives to baking ingredients, will have guest speakers, who are in the cupcake industry, and share baking techniques.

Future Physicians and Young Leaders in Healthcare

Club Leaders: Emmy Dunsford and Alex Attisha

Club Moderator:  Ms. Snyder, D205

The Future Physicians and Young Leaders in Healthcare is dedicated to promoting medical knowledge among its members in order to explore the career options of the field, allowing members to grow together in their common interest in the art and science of medicine. We will go into depth about what it takes to be a doctor, a researcher, a scientist, administrator or a professor in this field. Our focus will primarily be on exploring every single angle possible from this practice to obtain enough exposure and information to help us determine our personal area of interest.

Guitar and Ukulele Experience

Club Leaders: Hayden Center and Parker Roberts

Club Moderator: Mr. Owen, A111

Guitar and Ukulele Experience provides an accessible place for people to come and play, enjoy, share, and create music.

Hiking and Outdoor Exploration*

Club Leader: Carson Linxwiler

Club Moderator: Mr. Wenclewicz, D101

The Hiking and Outdoor Exploration Club seeks to promote a knowledge of one’s surrounding area as well as an appreciation for its beauty through hikes, cleanups and exploration in an effort to grow a culture of both environmentally conscious and physically active teens.

Kindness 2.0

Club Leaders:  Julia Wolf and Helena Holleran

Club Moderator:  Mr. Owen, A111

The kindness club will be a place where students can let go of their pressures and focus on doing something nice for others. The kindness club will provide a way for students to participate in small yet substantial ways to be kind to others and group reflection about our experiences with kindness. Our goal is for this club to be a tool that CCHS students can use for stress relief, happiness, and fun.

Knitting Club *

Club Leader:  Mackenzie Elmer

Club Moderator:  Ms. Webb, C107

The Knitting Club is a group CCHS Students who are willing to learn and promote the art of knitting.This club will teach people how to knit. Once we are all able to knit the basic stitches, the goal is to have each member responsible for making knitted squares that could be sewn together to make blankets. The completed blankets will hopefully be donated. Some other projects are to knit hats and scarves.

Las Rosas*

Club Leaders: Ashley Gonzales and Mercy Sosa

Club Moderator: Mrs. Stephenson, C208

Las Rosas will be centered around cultural themes and identity development through art. It will allow students to be surrounded by a positive environment allowing them to have a diverse perspectives of different cultural themes in an artistic way; such as Xicana Art. The main focus of this club is to see the meaning of each art and the history that occurred during that period, and how we can aware our communities through verbal and artistic ways.

Linguistic Olympiad

Club Leaders: Sue Han and PJ McSweeney

Club Moderator: Mr. Fernandez, C204

The Linguistics Club/Team will spend the majority of the year preparing for an annual high school linguistics olympiad for high schoolers, organized by the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad. The North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad is a contest in which high ­school students solve linguistic puzzles. In solving these puzzles, students learn about the diversity and consistency of language, while exercising logic skills. No prior knowledge of linguistics or second languages is necessary.

The Mitchell Thorp Foundation

Club Leaders: Molly Brennan and Jackie Heitman

Club Moderator:  Mr. Vitton, D119

The Mitchell Thorp Foundation Club is based off of the Mitchell Thorp Foundation itself. “MTF” is a nonprofit organization that supports children with undiagnosed and severe illnesses through fundraisers and events. As a club, we would raise awareness of the foundation and the suffering children by making cards and care packages for the children during lunch. We would also encourage club members to volunteer at MTF fundraisers that we hold outside of school to spread support for the foundation. Our mission is to bring relief and support to children who suffer from life-threatening illnesses, diseases, disorders, by making small gifts of hope and joy for them.

Mountain Biking Club*

Club Leader:  Blake Boeh

Club Moderator: Mr. Owen, A111

The ultimate goal of the mountain biking club is to educate students of the sport, support everyone with teamwork, unify the bikers of Cathedral Catholic, develop a strong sense of community and collect enough riders so that we can potentially compete through the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).

Pan Asian Cultural Awareness Club

Club Leaders: Ela Chavez and Kimmy Kelly

Club Moderator: Mrs. Asuncion, D209

The mission of the Pan-Asian Cultural Awareness Club is to embrace and strengthen the awareness of Asian cultures within the CCHS community. The club is inclusive and everyone, Asian or not, is welcome to come learn about and appreciate Asian culture. The club will encourage social, racial, and cultural tolerance and allows students to understand, appreciate, and respect the Asian cultures through social, educational, and cultural events.

Peers for Progress

Club Leaders: Riley Edwards and Isabel Harmet

Club Moderator:  Mrs. Cairns, A210

Peers For Progress, creates support cards for kids in juvenile hall; however, this year we would also extend our support to our “peers” in all areas. For example, we make cards, cookies, etc. for children in the hospital or for teens in St.Vincent de Paul.

Ping Pong Club*

Club Leaders: Aiden Cerveny and Timothy Hsiao

Club Moderator: Ms. Dunn, D208 and the Claver Center

The mission for the Cathedral Catholic Ping-Pong club is to create a fun, friendly and enjoyable environment that teaches the club participants the fundamental skills and the basic rules needed to successfully play ping-pong.

Rady’s Children’s Hospital Club

Club Leaders: Annalise Castro and Katherine Mollenkopf

Club Moderator: Ms. Baumgardner, DS206

The Rady Children’s Hospital Club works to spread awareness for Rady Children’s Hospital. Our mission is to organize ways in which the Cathedral Catholic community can reach out to the children and families at Rady’s.

Rosary Club

Club Leaders: Olivia Firstling and Michael Holbrook

Club Moderator: Mrs. Lonergan, DS201 and the Chapel


Each Wednesday at the beginning of lunch, we gather together to pray a decade of the rosary. It’s a nice, peaceful way to slow down in the middle of the week and remember Jesus and His mother, Mary, whose powerful intercession is often forgotten. Come May, we have a May Crowning for the statue of Mary behind the chapel.  We pray for the church and for the world.


Service for Country

Club Leaders: Mary Coen and Lila Cunningham

Club Moderator: Mr. Kilroy, A201

The Service for Country honors those in service to country now, veterans, and also hopes to inspire those who may be interested in a military career through service projects and guest speakers.

SurfRider Foundation Club*

Club Leaders:  Delara Bahadori and Hana McEvilly

Club Moderator:  Ms. Higgins, D210


In collaboration with the SurfRider Foundation, our club intends to help keep our local beaches clean and educate the CCHS community on how to help protect our oceans, reefs, and marine animals. We plan on orchestrating twice monthly after school trip, with our moderator, to local beaches to collect and throw away trash.

The Office Club

Club Leaders: Henry Pedersen and Claire Hoffman

Club Moderator: Ms. Wilson, GC1

The Office: The Club is a social club in which members of the CCHS community will gather to build new friendships and bond over appreciation for the five time Emmy award winning TV-
Show by watching the show and participating in office-related activities.

Ultimate Frisbee Club*

Club Leader: Andrew Hunt

Club Moderator: Mr. Knoll, K Building

The Cathedral Catholic Ultimate Frisbee club is a group of individuals who are active in creating a friendly environment for students who desire to be active during lunch by playing Ultimate Frisbee and including anyone or everyone who plays and making them feel like part of a team.

Virtual Sports Club*

Club Leaders:  Jaden Bueno and Ryan Shamoon

Club Moderator: Ms. Osmus, A101

Our main goal for this club is to have students come together under the fandoms of sports and video games. As leaders, we will aim to create a friendly and welcoming environment for all students regardless of their background or grade level.

WorldLink for Youth

Club Leaders: Jaclyn Wachs and Maddie LiMandri

Club Moderator:  Mr. Ormsby, C201

WorldLink for Youth, in collaboration with the WorldLink Program, promotes global education. We educate members of the CCHS community on global and local issues, discuss differing views and perspectives, and generate ideas on how we can help resolve these issues and problems. It is a great time for students to openly share their ideas and have a voice about what they believe in.