Welcome to
Cathedral Catholic
High School!

We are eager to share information about our school with you. Founded in 2005, CCHS is a Diocesan Catholic co-educational High School. CCHS is a college preparatory school conducted in and animated by the Catholic tradition. Our academic and co-curriculum progams reflect this tradition as well as adherence to our particular mission and philosophy statements. Education at CCHS is an integrative process involving the "whole" person, spiritual, intellectual, social and physical. The CCHS graduate is expected to make informed decisions reflective of a well-developed intellect and a value system grounded in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

CCHS sends 98% of its graduates to college. Our strong curriculum has enabled the students to attend a great variety of colleges and universities. Included among those are: Notre Dame, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Duke, Stanford, Santa Clara, University of San Francisco, U.C. Berkeley, UCLA and the University of San Diego.

The school is proud of its cultural and economic diversity. An ambitious financial-aid program provides tuition assistance to more than 20% of the student population.


An innovative academic community of lifelong learners grounded in the Catholic faith that prepares our graduates to live God’s call and build the Kingdom.


Cathedral Catholic High School is a leader in Catholic, college preparatory education. Our rigorous, innovative education program is offered in a nurturing community based on teachings of Jesus Christ and Traditions of the Catholic Church.

Our CCHS core values — faith, knowledge, character, and responsibility — developed from our University of San Diego High School heritage, guide our graduates’ growth to become responsible leaders. Our program is student centered, recognizing that each person is made in the image and likeness of God and shaped by differences in interest, ability, and background. We are a collaborative community, dedicated to lifelong learning and teaching students to assume responsibility for their own educational and spiritual growth. In partnership with parents, we form an educational ministry that is mutually supportive and committed to excellence.


Our University of San Diego High School heritage and CCHS core values of faith, knowledge, honor, and responsibility guide the growth and development of our graduates to become responsible leaders committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In partnership with parents, we form an educational ministry that is mutually supportive and a community committed to excellence. It is our intent that our graduates carry a spirit of intellectual curiosity and a love for learning on their continuing journey of personal growth.

Cathedral Catholic High School will be a recognized leader in Catholic and college preparatory education.

Expected School-Wide Student Results

Cathedral Catholic High School Students are:

People of Faith who:

  • Identify and explain Church teachings and practices
  • Practice and reflect upon the Catholic values of charity, service, and social justice
  • Participate in the sacramental life of the Church
  • Contribute to a school environment that fosters love, compassion, and peace

Skilled Lifelong Learners who:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills that lead to intellectual inquiry
  • Communicate effectively and responsibly through a variety of media
  • Innovate and use 21st Century tools
  • Solve problems individually and collaboratively

People of Character who:

  • Respect themselves and others
  • Value diverse people and cultures
  • Practice ethical citizenship and leadership
  • Build the Kingdom by making moral choices to improve themselves and their community

Responsible Individuals who:

  • Demonstrate independence and initiative as learners
  • Engage in the global community
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle and nurturing relationships
  • Apply their gifts to change the world