Papercut Codes

How to use the printer in the USDHS Library:

All students have a starting balance of $10 (100 pages). Once this balance runs out, the student will need to replenish their account.

  1. Purchase Credits below. You will receive a code when your purchase is completed.
  2. Add this to your account using the REDEEM app on your iPad.
    (Screenshot below)
  3. Login using your Student ID number and Google password.
  4. Click the “Redeem Card” option from the menu on the left.
  5. In the “card number” field, enter the code you received with your purchase. (Screenshot below)
  6. Now you can print from the app where you document is created.
  7. Go to the USDHS Academic Center to print.
  8. When prompted to “select printer,” choose library.
  9. When asked to sign in, use your email address and Google password.
  10. Confirm your options.
  11. Click Print.

Each page is $0.10.

If you qualify for tuition assistance, please see Ms. Caroyln Sturz in the business office for assistance in paying for printing.

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