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Welcome to the NHS Tutoring page!

One of the concepts embraced at this campus is aiding the students here to be life-long learners and as an academic honor society, National Honor Society (NHS) strives to improve the intellectual welfare of the community by offering FREE before and after school on campus tutoring in the USDHS Academic Center.

NHS Tutors (you have to login with your CCHSDons account.) 

How to Find a Tutor:

  1. The subjects are organized into categories at the right of each tutor. Find your subject and its available tutors.
    a. If you cannot find your subject (or its category), e-mail one of the Tutoring Officers ( or
  2. What days you would like to meet up with your tutor. The available times are organized into the five days of the week at the right of each tutor.
    a. NHS Tutors often cannot negotiate their available times. They have carefully chosen their times on their applications. Therefore, please choose someone who is completely compatible with you.
    b. NHS Tutors apply every quarter. The posted availability times are only current for this quarter. You may have to change times or even tutors when the next quarter starts.
    c. Please only choose days and times that you can commit to. NHS Tutors are not held responsible if you do not show up to a scheduled meeting. If you repeatedly cancel or fail to show up, NHS Tutors may complain and request to stop tutoring you.
  3.  Once you have found a compatible tutor, find his/her e-mail next to his/her name. E-mail him/her to request to start tutoring for your subject at your available days and times. Be specific, please! Students are to contact tutors directly. If you are a parent, please have your son or daughter contact the tutor of interest. 
  4. Wait for an e-mail back within the next 48 hours.
    a. If the NHS Tutor does not respond within the next 48 hours, please inform one of the Tutoring Officers by e-mail. The tutor will respond once we contact him/her.
    b. Please e-mail another tutor if the first one does not work out. We can always help you try find a tutor as well.
  5. Once your request is accepted, stay in contact with your tutor and set up appointments clearly.
    a. They will guide you through any NHS paperwork (hours forms) that you must fill out. Please be honest on the paperwork! And do not hesitate to e-mail one of the Tutoring Officers if you encounter any issues with tutoring and/or your tutor.

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Caro at