emocha Health

Cathedral Catholic is utilizing a digital health company, emocha, to monitor students, faculty, and staff for symptoms of COVID-19 during the 2020-2021 year. 

We are using emocha’s mobile app to allow students, and parents on behalf of their students, to conduct a self-screening of symptoms each day before school and is required for all students. The emocha solution is HIPAA compliant, meaning the data is secure and is not shared with anyone outside of Cathedral Catholic -–  the school maintains strict confidentiality of all student information. Students will receive a color-coded digital badge through the mobile app to clear them to go on campus.

On Friday, September 4, parents received a text message and email from emocha that walks through the enrollment processes. The CCHS Tech department pushed the app to all student iPads. If you want the app on your student’s phone click on the first hyperlink in the text message to download the emocha app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded the app, click the second hyperlink to set up your emocha password. Your pre-assigned emocha username will also be displayed in the text message. You should complete these steps on your phone within 24 hours, as the password setup link will expire. Please visit this landing page for additional information. 

As you begin to use and test the functionality of the app, please provide any feedback to emocha via in-app chat messaging or send an email to helpdesk@emocha.com. Comments regarding functionality, user experience, or customer service help emocha enhance the product, and will help create an improved platform for Cathedral Catholic as we launch the service within the next week for all students, faculty, and staff. When providing feedback, it is helpful to include the following:

  • Pictures or screenshots
  • Model/type of device (iPad, iPhone, Android phone)
  • Contact information

Thank you for your support and participation as we begin to roll out this program. We appreciate your help and support as the Cathedral Catholic team works to safely and effectively return to campus.

The emocha support line for CCHS is 858-221-4047. Service hours are from 6am-2pm PT.