• The speed limit on campus is 10 mph. We ask all members of our community to adhere to the speed limit.
  • While driving on campus, please follow the law regarding texting and driving and talking on your cell phone while driving.
  • Students driving to and from school must adhere to California driving laws. Students may receive consequences for unsafe driving practices.
  • In order to maintain positive neighbor relations, please pick up students in the main parking lot or the back parking lot. Do not arrange for pickup on Old Carmel Valley Road as this creates an un-neighborly and unsafe turnaround on Gamay Way.
  • The only approved Drop-Off and Pick-Up locations are in the front lot near the main gates by the Juan Diego building and in the back parking lot near De Sales Hall.

Off limit locations for drop-off and pick-up include:

  • Del Mar Heights Road
  • Valerio Gate (opposite of our main entrance)
  • Faculty Parking lot
  • Old Carmel Valley Road
  • Gamay Way