Student Parking Lot

  • The parking lot is off-limits during the school day.
  • Any cars remaining overnight must be communicated with security.
  • Students are never allowed to park on neighboring streets during school hours.

Parking Permit

Applications for parking spaces emailed to all students during the spring.  The fee for student parking is $125 if purchased July – Dec and $75 if purchased Jan – end of school year. The fee includes 1 parking permit sticker and an assigned parking spot. Parking on campus is a privilege.

The privilege may be revoked as a result of disciplinary action or when it serves the best interest of the school. The administration has the right to search all vehicles. The school is not responsible for any damage or loss and disclaims any and all liability in cases of violation of the above. Consequences will be issued for failure to follow the parking rules.

Parking Rules

  • On school days, park your vehicle/motorcycle in the space assigned to you (5:30 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.).
  • Do not back your car into your space.
  • The parking permit sticker must be peeled and attached to the outside back window on the lower left (driver’s side). Stickers may not be placed or taped inside the window.
  • A permit sticker must be on each vehicle/motorcycle driven to school. If an additional permit sticker or a replacement sticker is needed, see the Dean’s Office. The cost is $5.
  • If you are using a car without a permit sticker for a single day use, you MUST notify security or the Dean’s office immediately upon arriving to school.
  • Any fraudulent use of the permit stickers will result in loss of parking privilege.
  • If at any time there is a change in vehicle or carpool, the Dean’s office must be notified immediately.
  • If another vehicle is parked in your space, report the license number of the vehicle to security and they will guide you to a parking space for the day.
  • All students must park on campus. There is no off campus parking allowed for any student.
  • Unauthorized areas for student parking:
    • Faculty/staff parking lots
    • Visitor parking
    • All driveways and entrances to the school campus, loading docks and red curbs.
  • Speed limit will be enforced and you must practice safe driving.
  • Please respect the security personnel, as they will direct traffic as needed.
  • Report any other problems you observe to security.
  • Students shall not loiter around or enter a parked car, even their own, until school is dismissed.
  • Use of phone or electronic device is never allowed while driving.
  • Street and neighborhood parking is not allowed.

Pick up and Drop off

  • Students may be dropped off in the front or back entrance of the school.
  • Dropping off students on the street or in neighborhoods is not permitted.