Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code?

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How does the attendance line work? Do I need to talk to someone in person?

You do not need to speak to a person to report an absence or call in a Passport request. All information regarding an absence or a Passport request should be left on the voicemail system.  If you need to talk to our Attendance Officer, please leave a message. Messages are checked every 15 – 20 minutes. Using the voicemail system is the quickest means to communicate a Passport request and/or report an absence due to the busy nature of the Attendance Office.

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How do I get a message to my student? (urgent/non-urgent)

The Dean’s Office will only deliver messages to students for family emergencies. For all other reasons (change in who is picking up a student after school, different pick up time, informing student of a drop-off item, etc.), please email your student using the account. As a reminder, student cell phones must be off during school hours, which include break and lunch. There is a phone for student use in the attendance office.

What if I schedule a last minute appointment for my student?

Please call the Passport line as soon as you are aware of an appointment. The earlier a parent or guardian can notify the Attendance Office of an appointment, the quicker we will be able to support you without a delay. Walk-in requests for immediate Passports are not recommended and it is extremely difficult to locate students during lunch.

Why does my student need a doctor’s note?

Medical notes allow the Attendance Clerk to excuse an absence without delay. The medical note is shared with the Nurse’s Office to better support your student’s medical needs.

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Where do I drop-off items for a student? (lunch, money, homework, athletic equipment, etc.)

All drop-off items must be delivered to the Dean’s Office. The Dean’s Office will not notify a student that an item has been dropped off. Please email your student at the account to inform them of the item in the Dean’s Office. CCHS is not responsible for any items. All items need to be picked up by 3:00 p.m. on the same business day.

What is the cell phone policy?

Cell phones are to be turned off and put away during class hours, including time out of the classroom on a hall pass, during all school and standardized assessments, and during Mass. Students will not be allowed to use cell phones during class time, except with a teacher’s permission. Students must also store all listening devices, including headphones and air pods, in their backpacks during class hours. Students may use their cell phone during break/lunch but may not access the camera or microphone to capture visual/audio or amplify sound without written permission from the dean of students. School authorities may confiscate cell phones at any time for failure to follow school policy. Confiscated cell phones cannot be picked up until the end of the school day. CCHS is not responsible for confiscated items.

The administration reserves the right to search a student’s phone when there is reasonable suspicion that it may contain evidence of policy infractions. Evidence of illegal activity may be turned over to our school resource officer with the SDPD. If an emergency phone call needs to be made during class time, students must receive permission from their teacher or an administrator. In an emergency where the student needs to be contacted by a parent, please call the Attendance Office. Audio, video recording or photographing of others without their knowledge and permission is a serious offense and will be dealt with accordingly.

Can my student park on the street or in any space?

All students interested in driving to school must purchase a parking sticker. Each student is required to park in the space assigned to the student. Parking in the surrounding neighborhood violates our school policy and consequences will be issued. Students that park in another student/faculty space will be issued consequences.

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Where is lost and found? What if my student has lost something?

Lost and Found is located in the Attendance Office. Items left in Lost and Found at the end of each quarter are donated.

How does my student change their parking spot?

Parking spaces are assigned on a first come first serve basis and cannot be changed. The nurse has a few temporary parking spaces for medical needs.

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