Wellness Program

CC Wellness incorporates the entire Cathedral Catholic High School community in our efforts to educate students, parents, coaches, faculty, and administration on the current topics impacting our school community. CC Wellness meets once a month to discuss, plan, and organize speaking engagements for all members of our school community.

CC Wellness supports student Wellness programs such as Sturdy Wings, Families in Transition and Aevidum. We also spearhead the “Parent Pledge” program. Parents signing the “Parent Pledge” are promising that anytime they host a student gathering in their home, they will ensure that they will be present and that students will not drink, smoke, or use drugs.

2015-2016 CC Wellness Committee Members

Ashley Bacom

Julie Lyle

Leighton Balalio

Megan Burton

Nick Hurt

Jeff Gramme

Deb Hilinski/Kate Pe

Christina Lagrimas

Marie Lopez

Alison Purpera

Kimberly McHugh

Joe Filippone 

Sandy Blackstone-Gardner

Katie Wilson

Sarah Osmus

Director of Wellness

Parent Representative

Security and Safety, START SMART Program

Director of Academic Support

Teacher, Director of Christian Service

Teacher, Director of Retreats

School Nurses, Adult Moderator Student Wellness Groups

Director of Activities


Assistant Dean of Students






Please contact the co-chairs or any representative for information, comments, or suggestions.