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About iPads

Education at CCHS is an integrative process involving the “whole” person: spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical. To that end, in the Spring of 2012, the CCHS community officially announced a transition to providing iPads for all students. In both 2015 and 2017, Cathedral Catholic was awarded status as an Apple Distinguished school, further establishing our commitment to the use of technology and for students to have access to a wide variety of resources and materials in order to help them personalize their learning experiences.

About Apple ID

In order to receive a school issued iPad, every student needs to have a working Apple ID. An Apple ID is your unique account with Apple that allows you to download apps, books, movies and music (both free & purchased) from iTunes, the App Store, or iBooks. An Apple ID also includes an iCloud account which is the best mechanism for backing up and securing your iPad.

If you already own an Apple device, you most likely have an existing Apple ID, and you are free to use that existing account with your school issued device.

Because textbooks and school materials will be tied to this ID, we recommend that students each have their own Apple ID rather than use a parent’s.

Please go here to Create Your Apple ID.
You will need access to an existing email address to create this Apple ID. If you have already been issued your cchsdons.com email address and password, you may use this if you choose.
We have included a link to Apple Support which lists FAQs about an Apple ID.

Creating an Apple ID does ask you to include your credit card information for downloading apps, songs, movies, etc. Students will not be required to purchase content when receiving their iPad; however, they will have to purchase books and apps for their classes. Many of the purchases will happen through their Apple ID, but there are also purchases through other portals.

You do not have to include your credit card information if you are wary about sharing that information:
Setup an Apple ID without submitting a credit card

How does my incoming student receive their school ipad?

Incoming freshman and transfer students are issued  iPads during Freshman Rollout sessions usually in the week before orientation. An email will be sent to parents with notification and an opportunity to sign up for a session of their choice. Parents are welcome to requested and encouraged to attend the session with their children.

This session will issue  iPads, as well as teach how to login to Schoology, configure Google Drive and Notability backup.

When attending Freshman Rollout, the student needs to bring:

  • A valid Apple ID with username and password
  • Other Apple device (i.e. iPhone) for two-factor authentication if activated on the account
  • cchsdons.com email and password (emailed prior to parent)


If your student does NOT have his or her own Apple ID already created, one can be created during the session, but this will add about 20 minutes to the session for your student.
If your student does NOT know his or her password, and/or can not authenticate using another method (text message or email via phone), then  will NOT be able to complete the process and we will not be able to issue an iPad.

How to care for the iPad

iPad Proper Care and Handling

As with any electronic device of this type, there are several key concepts that should be followed to extend the life of the device:

  • Keep away from liquids and out of direct sunlight.
  • While in public, keep the iPad out of plain sight.
  • Never leave the device unattended.
  • Avoid placing the screen against objects with hard or sharp corners, especially in a backpack.


Students are required to bring iPads to school fully charged. The best practice is to charge the iPad every evening so the device is fully-charged the next morning. Due to high power requirements, using the larger, 10 or 12 watt block charger that came with the device is the quickest way to recharge the iPad. Smaller, 5 watt square iPhone chargers charge much slower or may not work at all.

Case and Accessories

Students are strongly encouraged to provide a case for their iPad. In selecting a case, the most important element is impact protection at the corners.

Accessories may be needed depending on the needs of the student. The three most common accessories are headphones, stylus (or Apple pencil if you have an iPad Pro) and keyboard. This equipment should be considered but not required.

My child’s iPad is broken. Is it covered? What do I do?

CCHS issued iPads are covered under AppleCare+ for two years.

This provides coverage for up to 2 incidents of accidental damage. However, loss or theft is NOT covered.

Have your student see the Tech Office in the Academic Center to start the process.

We received a replacement iPad from the Apple Store. How do I get my student’s Notability and other apps back?

When you replace the iPad at the Apple Store, she or he will need to bring the new iPad in to the Tech Office in the Academic Center. There is a process to be completed to re-register the new iPad with Cathedral Catholic’s managed system. When this is completed, school-specific apps will be reinstated.

I want to restrict certain things on my child’s iPad.
How can I do that?

Parents have the ability to enable restrictions for their student’s iPad using the Screen Time functions.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Screen Time from the menu on the left.
  3. Turn on Screen Time. This is gated with a 4-digit code. Please feel free to share this with the Tech Office, should your student need help during the school day.

Follow the instructions to set your limitations.

**PLEASE NOTE: You will choose a 4 digit code to enable these restrictions. If you lose or forget the code, the only solution is for the iPad to be fully reset (settings and content deleted).

For complete instructions, please refer to the Apple website.

How to Set Up Downtime Restrictions on iPad