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Dear Parents & Students,

In preparation for the new Apple iPad, we are asking that you make sure that you have an Apple ID created to use with your iPad. This is important and must be done prior to attending this meeting. If a student does not have an apple id prior to the meeting, he or she will not be issued an iPad.

An Apple ID is your unique account with Apple that allows you to download apps, books, movies and music (both free & purchased) from iTunes, the App Store, or iBooks as well as install these items and update them regularly. If you already own an Apple device (iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, AppleTV, etc.) and have downloaded digital content through iTunes, iBooks or the App Store then you already have an Apple ID. You may use this Apple ID for your iPad.

Because text books and school materials will be tied to this ID we recommend that students each have their own Apple ID. If you want your student to have their own unique Apple ID you need to create that before they pick up the school iPad. In order to test that the apple id is working properly, we suggest you download a free app prior to attending the school iPad distribution.

Create Your iPad ID

Create your Apple ID

We have included a link to Apple Support which lists FAQs about an Apple ID.

iPad Support

Apple Support

Part of the initial setup of the iPad will be to include your Apple ID. Creating an Apple ID does ask you to include your credit card information for downloading apps, songs, movies, etc. If you are wary about including your credit card information and would rather not have a credit card associated with your Apple ID, there is a link on Apple’s website to  setup an Apple ID without submitting a credit card.

If you do use this option, it will be necessary to purchase an Apple gift card to make funds available on the account.

Please understand that a credit card or funds ARE required if a user wishes to download any purchased content. CCHS will be providing some apps and resources with the iPads that are distributed to students. All digital content (including apps and resources provided by CCHS) acquired using your Apple ID belongs to the owner of the Apple ID and not CCHS. It will also be necessary to purchase ebooks and materials for specific classes with the Apple ID. This information will be made available to all students for each of their classes.

Get information about iPad AppleCare+, an extended warranty plan for your iPad.