Junior Retreat

Background on Junior Retreat

The junior class retreat theme is “Build the Kingdom.” Students have participated in retreats based on learning about themselves and their gifts, how to use their gifts to change the world, how to discern and live their call. Now, 11th grade students move to the next part of our Community Prayer – “help us build the kingdom.” How do we live and realize God’s Kingdom among us now? The retreat focuses on how we can build the kingdom through our actions – living out the core virtues of being a Don – character, faith, knowledge, and responsibility. How can we emulate Christ and continue to build the kingdom, as He once did while He walked the earth?

This retreat is an important part of junior year as students focus on class unity and continue to recognize the importance of our faith community.  On Wednesday after school, we take off to the mountain to “retreat” in hopes of growing in our relationship with Christ while getting to know classmates on a more personal level. We hope that every junior takes the opportunity to attend one of these retreats. This retreat is wonderful, memorable, and something juniors do NOT want to miss!

Reality of Covid-19 and Overnight Camp for Teens

  • We believe these retreats are central to our faith community and the growth of our students’ personal faith, character, responsibility and their knowledge of themselves, God and their relationships with others. Additionally, the strong bonds of friendship on a retreat lend themselves to the inadvertent spread of contagions.  This has always been the case with sleep away camps and, even with heightened awareness and Covid safety protocols, we assume this will continue to be the case on these retreats.
  • We will be working closely with the Whispering Winds Christian Conference Center leading up to and during the retreat to ensure that appropriate COVID-19 safeguards are in place for our students and all participants from CCHS.  

Sign-Up Details:

  • All juniors have the opportunity to attend one of the three retreats this year. 
  • Retreats are free, as all fees for participation are included in student tuition. 
  • Junior retreats are optional.
  • Students leave campus on Wednesday after school and return by 2:30 pm on Friday, so they miss one gold day and one red day. 
  • All meals and accommodation are provided by Whispering Winds Christian Conference Center. 
  • In choosing a date for your Junior Retreat, please carefully consider sports seasons, extracurricular involvement and other academic and personal obligations. If you are on a team or in drama, it is best to reach out to your coach, drama teacher, etc.,  to confirm your best retreat date option.
  • Please choose only ONE retreat. If your first choice is full, you may put your name on the waitlist for that retreat and sign up for your second retreat choice to be sure you have the opportunity to go. Retreats fill up very fast.
  • Please note any allergies or dietary restrictions on your sign-up.
  • Junior Retreats will be offered on:
    • October 5-7, 2022
    • January 18-20, 2023
    • March 29-31, 2023

Sign up for Junior Retreat using these links:

Junior Retreat #1:  October 5-7, 2022

FEMALES: Junior Retreat #1 – Oct. 5-7, 2022

MALES: Junior Retreat #1 – Oct. 5-7, 2022

Junior Retreat #2:  January 18-20, 2023

FEMALES: Junior Retreat #2 – Jan. 18-20, 2023

MALES: Junior Retreat #2 –  Jan. 18-20, 2023

Junior Retreat #3:  March 29-31, 2023

FEMALES: Junior Retreat #3 – March 29-31, 2023

MALES: Junior Retreat #3 – March 29-31, 2023


WAITLIST FOR FEMALES: Junior Retreats 2022-2023

WAITLIST FOR MALES: Junior Retreats 2022-2023

For More Information About Retreats

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our Mission & Ministry team members: Julie CairelliJeff Gramme or Stacy Wells.