Cathedral Catholic High School Retreats are an important part of our faith development and walk with Christ.  They are opportunities to get away from the “ordinary” periods of our life and spend some “extraordinary” time growing in our relationship with God. We are reminded in Scripture that Christ himself secluded himself in prayer and meditation in the desert for 40 days, and even spent time “away” in prayer while preaching with his disciples.

Campus Ministry at CCHS attempts to offer time for you the student to do the same; to set aside time out of your regular busy schedule and develop your relationship with God. It is the intent of our retreat program to build upon itself. As freshmen, you are invited first to look at yourself, your gifts, how God has created you and the beauty of that creation. As sophomores, you are encouraged to examine how you are called to be a disciple of Christ and serve Him with those gifts He has bestowed upon you. As juniors, you are given the opportunity to deepen the understanding of that call by examining your place in bringing about God’s Kingdom. And finally, as seniors you reflect on the power of the Holy Spirit to make all things possible in your lives, especially as you leave CCHS and embark on new adventures.

Each retreat is a time away from the ordinary, whether still on campus yet away from the daily academic requirements, or off campus in a more intent examination. We encourage all students to use the retreat process to grow in your relationship with God.