Light Group

Cathedral Catholic High School embraces a fully communal approach to service; the entire CCHS school community will work together in order to serve communities near and far, build community at school and beyond, foster awareness for justice in the world, and awaken a sense of social responsibility. This will be accomplished by placing the focus on providing meaningful service experiences for all of our students. These structured experiences encourage students to serve with their peers and LIGHT groups in different areas of need during all years of high school.

Students will no longer need to log their hours into the Service Hour Database as a graduation requirement. Students, however, wishing to apply for the Caritas Award must submit their hours through the database in order to verify the award. All students, regardless if they are applying for the Caritas Award, will continue to have access to the service hour database if they wish to log their hours of service for college applications or other awards.

More detailed information on the program will be in next school year’s student handbook.

Please let Mr. Hurt (, Mrs. Stacy Wells (, or Mr. Calkins ( know if you have any questions.

More information for LIGHT Group Parent Volunteers.