Chaplain & Pastoral Care

Our priests provide pastoral care and counseling services for faculty, staff, student body and families. Working in collaboration with the school’s guidance counselors, the pastoral care techniques utilized by the chaplains apply to listening, supporting, and encouraging the individual within a faith-base Roman Catholic tradition.

Respecting the faith traditions of all who seek pastoral assistance, the pastoral care team remains faithful to the mission of CCHS by shepherding the flock in a loving and caring manner. This shepherding encompasses a wide variety of issues including, but not limited to, health, social and moral education, behavior management and emotional support.

Fr. Martin, Fr. Patrick, Fr. Richard, and Fr. Mike Ortiz are our campus priests and are on campus throughout each school day. They can be contacted either by phone or email for an appointment during or after school.

Campus Support

Fr. Martin Latiff, MC
Spiritual Director
Tel (858) 523-4000 Ext. 1610

Fr. Patrick Wainwright, MC
Spiritual Director
(858) 523-4000 Ext. 1237