What is Wellness?

At Cathedral Catholic High School student wellness focuses on creating a healthy balance in the academic, faith, extracurricular, and personal/social areas of student life.  

According to UC Davis “wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life” (https://shcs.ucdavis.edu/wellness/what-is-wellness).  To support this mission we imbed wellness ideals into our daily practices and offer programmatic wellness activities throughout the year.  In addition, our school programs and initiatives center around this goal of student wellness.

Counseling Services

Cathedral Catholic High School offers counseling support in the areas of academic guidance, college/career planning and social emotional support.  This holistic approach to counseling services encompasses our mission to serve the whole child.  For more information about our counseling and wellness programs please read our “What is Wellness?” article in the 2019-2020 Dons Magazine. For more information about our Counseling services, please click HERE.

Annual Wellness Activities

Red Ribbon Week:

Red Ribbon Week is a nationally hosted event focused on alcohol, tobacco, drug, and violence prevention held each October. Our mission is to educate our students on the dangers of drugs and alcohol and offer healthy alternatives. During this week students can expect educational and community building activities, CHP hosted events, therapy dogs and an all school speaker.

Yellow Ribbon Week:

Yellow Ribbon week is held each spring and focuses on suicide awareness and prevention combined with mental health education. We believe each student’s mental health and wellbeing is the priority. Our goal is to foster a safe community and educate students on how to get help when needed.  During this week students can expect educational resources, therapy dogs, community building events, intentional classroom conversations, and an all school speaker.

De-Stress Zone:

Final exams week can be a stressful time for students. During this week counseling, Mission and Ministry and ASB partner together to offer a “de-stress zone” for our students between exams. This includes snacks, games, therapy dogs and music as a way to relax and reset between exams.

Campus Wide Wellness 

Student Success Skills:

The Student Success Skills program is a comprehensive, school-wide effort to teach 

student skills and learning strategies. Cathedral Catholic High School’s Student Success Skills initiative centers around fostering social, emotional, and academic success. Our student-centered, holistic strategy focuses on the student as a whole and aims to support areas of strength while identifying and addressing areas of growth. As a result, we are better able to support all students with one goal in mind — student success!  Please click HERE for more information.

Restorative Discipline:

Cathedral Catholic High School uses restorative practices as its school-wide approach to discipline.  While traditional discipline in education focuses on what infraction was violated, who did it, and what punishment should be dispensed to the offender, restorative practices returns discipline to its roots, meaning to instruction or to teach. Restorative justice does not eliminate consequences; instead it puts repairing harm first and allows everyone affected to be a part of the discipline process.  To learn more about our restorative practices, click HERE

Challenge Success:

Cathedral Catholic has partnered with Challenge Success, a non-profit, school reform 

organization affiliated with the Stanford University Graduate School of Education. Our partnership will help Cathedral Catholic implement practical, research-based tools and strategies to create a more balanced and academically fulfilling life for all students.  Click HERE to learn more.

Mission and Ministry:

The Office of Mission and Ministry assists the CCHS community in the development and growth of a flourishing spiritual life.  We recognize that God has given each of us unique gifts to respond to His call, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to build His Kingdom of  living our faith through our actions in our community and the world.  Click HERE to learn more.

Special Education:

Cathedral Catholic High School is committed to creating a supportive academic learning environment for all our students.  Through our Learning Center, Academy and Options programs we are able to meet individual student needs and promote their overall success and wellness.  Click HERE to learn more.