Counseling Office News – December 8, 2017


The College Board will release the October 2017 PSAT scores to students during the week of December 11th. Students who provided their email address on their answer sheet will receive an email with directions about how to access their scores. Students who took the PSAT 8/9 can create an online account to view their scores. A free account can be set up through the College Board website at any time. The Counseling Office will distribute paper score reports and the PSAT booklets to students at the beginning of January.


The Counseling Office presentation for “Coffee with Counselors” parents of the Class of 2019, held on Friday, December 1st, can be found here.


The San Diego Foundation (TSDF) oversees 100+ scholarships through its Community Scholarship Program. This program benefits local graduating high school students seeking ways to fund their higher education goals. Students need only complete one application (Common Application) to be considered for the many scholarship opportunities offered. In addition, TSDF manages other scholarships for students, each with their own applications and eligibility criteria.

The 2018-2019 Common Scholarship Application opens on Friday, December 1st. Learn more by visiting the San Diego Foundations Scholarships website.

The ACT Student Champion Award recognizes one student in each state who is tenacious and persistent, now matter the challenge, and is prepared for life after high school with a goal in mind and plan in place. ACT Student Champions receive a $500 scholarship, certificate, plaque and state-level recognition. The criteria to apply are:

  • Student has taken the ACT.
  • Student has overcome challenges and can articulate education and career actions.
  • Student has a composite ACT score of a 22 on a single test date or a 3.0 or greater on a 4.0 scale.
  • Preference is given to underrepresented and/or first-generation college students.

Applications can be found at ACT College and Career Readiness Champions. Deadline to apply is December 31, 2017. All questions should be directed to

Scholarship opportunity highlights: