Senior Tommy Twomey Wins Top Honors in Computer Design

The League of Amazing Programmers, a non-profit dedicated to teaching professional-level programming to kids and teens, is proud to announce two of five League teams entered in the Design for San Diego (D4SD) Civic Challenge took home top honors, including the competition’s $5,000 grand prize. The League’s students were the only high school age participants who entered the competition alongside design professionals, college and graduate students.

The month long inaugural competition launched by UC San Diego’s Design Lab, focused on the issue of mobility, asking participants the question “How might we create a San Diego where all move more freely,” and challenged them to solve this complex city-wide problem through design thinking and crowdsourcing.

Tommy Twomey ’18 was part of the team that created San Diego Parking App. They were recognized as a finalist for their work on an app that shows available parking within downtown San Diego.

Because this is such an impressive accomplishment the City of San Diego is inviting Thomas and the other 6 High School finalists to a City proclamation in their honor next month.

Congratulations, Tommy!