Saved by the Bees

Did you know bees are responsible for one third of our staple crops? Since 2006, beekeepers had noticed an alarming decline in honeybee numbers. The decline of bees mean that the pollination of crops would come to a halt, we would lose different crops and the effects would alter our everyday lives. One of the main reasons bees have been on an astronomical decline is the lack of food.
Students, Sinead Myers ’17, Vanessa Lee ’18, Garrett Cleary ’18 along with Mr. Sal Aiello, Director of Facilities started ‘Saved by the Bees’ campaign designed to create a bee-haven on campus. ‘Saved by the Bees’ plans to implement a variety of bee-friendly flowers for the bees to pollinate and feed. Through the planting of flowers at Cathedral Catholic High School, students are able to expand the ecosystem, start to protect the bees, and create a haven through our community.
There are various ways you can help save the bee community such as planting flowers, or discontinue the use of harmful pesticides. If you want to help our cause, we invite you to explore our website: