CCHS Engineers Tasked With Launching Project

Advanced STEAM is a second-year engineering course designed for Cathedral Catholic students eager to take their engineering skills to the next level. Students are faced with a multitude of challenges, each requiring in-depth research and creative thinking coupled with developed problem-solving skills.

Last week, our engineers were tasked with the construction of advanced siege machines capable of launching projectiles a sizable distance across Cathedral Catholic’s football field. In small groups, students had to create a siege machine by working together using a number of materials, tools, and supplies. Aside from physical construction, students had to integrate academics, using physics concepts to calculate the proper launch angle and initial velocity for their projectile. Some groups took a classic approach and constructed traditional trebuchets, while others found useful catapults and even elastic slingshot-like contraptions. On testing day, each siege machine was lined up along the field’s end zone, where groups competed to launch a golf ball the farthest. The greatest recorded distance was just over sixty yards – an impressive feat for Cathedral Catholic High Schools’s advanced engineers.