Dons Senior Swims Across the Catalina Channel

Congratulations to Mia Thomas ’18 who completed a solo swim across the Catalina Channel on Wednesday morning reaching land in the unofficial time of 12 hours, 37 minutes with her friend, Heloise Leblanc. Both girls had to remain strong and determined while confronted with large swells and adverse conditions throughout the swim. Strong currents pushed the swimmers down the channel where they landed at Inspiration Point instead of Terranea Beach, which is typically the target landing spot.

Mia and Heloise successfully finished their crossings at 12 hours and 37 min.  Due to the currents going against them and swells, they covered 23.5 miles rather than the usual 20.9.  They started the swim at Two Harbors in Catalina and landed at Inspiration Point in Palos Verdes.

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