Head Coaches

Fall Sports Gender Level Varsity Coach Email
Cross Country Boys’ Varsity/JV Dan Geiger dgeiger@cathedralcatholic.org
Cross Country Girls’ Varsity/JV Dan Geiger dgeiger@cathedralcatholic.org
Field Hockey Girls’ Varsity/JV Katie Fixsen kfixsen@cathedralcatholic.org
Football Boys’ Varsity/JV/Freshman Sean Doyle sdoyle@cathedralcatholic.org
Golf Girls’ Varsity Kristin Brandeberry  kbrandeberry@cathdralcatholic.org
Sand Volleyball Boys’, Non-CIF Varsity Bowie Haug bhaug@cathedralcatholic.org
Tennis Girls’ Varsity/JV April Bisharat abisharat@cchsdons.com
Volleyball Girls’ Varsity/JV/Freshman Juliana Evens jevens@cathedralcatholic.org
Water Polo Boys’ Varsity/JV/Novice Tommy Corcoran tcorcoran@cathedralcatholic.org
Winter Sports Gender Level Varsity Coach Email
Basketball Boys’ Varsity/JV/Freshman Will Cunningham wcunningham@cathedralcatholic.org
Basketball Girls’ Varsity/JV/Freshman Jackie Turpin jturpin@cathedralcatholic.org
Inline Hockey Boys’ Varsity TBD athletics@cchsdons.com
Rugby Boys’ Non-CIF Varsity/JV Glenn Irvine girvine@cathedralcatholic.org
Rugby Girls’, Non-CIF Varsity Glenn Irvine girvine@cathedralcatholic.org
Soccer Boys’ Varsity/JV/Freshman Nate Hetherington nhetherington@cathedralcatholic.org
Soccer Girls’ Varsity/JV/Freshman Dawn Lee dlee@cathedralcatholic.org
Team Tennis Co-ed, Non-CIF Varsity April Bisharat abisharat@cathedralcatholic.org
Water Polo Girls’ Varsity/JV/Novice Collette Reid creid@cathedralcatholic.org
Wrestling Boys’ Varsity/JV TBA TBA
Spring Sports Gender Level Varsity Coach Email
Badminton Coed Varsity Tony Ramos tramos@cathedralcatholic.org
Baseball Boys’ Varsity/JV/Freshman Gary Remiker gremiker@cathedralcatholic.org
Golf Boys’ Varsity Joe Filippone jfilippone@cathedralcatholic.org
Lacrosse Boys’ Varsity/JV Dave McCarthy dmccarthy@cathedralcatholic.org
Lacrosse Girls’ Varsity/JV TBA TBA
Sand Volleyball Girls’, Non-CIF Varsity Juliana Evens jevens@cathedralcatholic.org
Softball Girls’ Varsity/JV Joe Hallare johallare@cathedralcatholic.org
Swim/Dive Boys’ Varsity/JV/Novice Tommy Corcoran tcorcoran@cathedralcatholic.org
Swim/Dive Girls’ Varsity/JV/Novice Tommy Corcoran tcorcoran@cathedralcatholic.org
Tennis Boys’ Varsity/JV April Bisharat abisharat@cathedralcatholic.org
Track & Field Boys’ Varsity/JV Dan Geiger dgeiger@cathedralcatholic.org
Track & Field Girls’ Varsity/JV Dan Geiger dgeiger@cathedralcatholic.org
Volleyball Boys’ Varsity/JV/Novice Bowie Haug bhaug@cathedralcatholic.org
Multi-Seasonal Gender Level Varsity Coach Email
Cheer Coed, Non-CIF Varsity/JV Shandy Carlson scarlson@cathedralcatholic.org
Crew, Boys’ Coed, Non-CIF Varsity Jeff Kiser jkiser@cathedralcatholic.org
Crew, Girls’ Coed, Non-CIF Varsity Art Sloate asloate@cathedralcatholic.org
Dance Coed, Non-CIF Varsity/JV Nicole Lucia nlucia@cathedralcatholic.org
Equestrian Coed, Non-CIF Varsity Dayle Fischer dfischer@cathedralcatholic.org
Fencing Coed, Non-CIF Varsity Ted Rotunda trotunda@cathedralcatholic.org
Sailing Coed, Non-CIF Varsity Doug Hart dhart@cathedralcatholic.org
Surfing Coed, Non-CIF Varsity Joe Coury jcoury@cathedralcatholic.org
Athletics Department
Director of Athletics David Smola dsmola@cathedralcatholic.org
Assistant Director of Athletics Therren Wilburn twilburn@cchsdons.com
Athletics Administrative Assistant Cindy Moses cmoses@cathedralcatholic.org
Athletics Office Assistant Jackie Turpin jturpin@cathedralcatholic.org
Head Athletic Trainer Austin Walker awalker@cathedralcatholic.org
Assistant Athletic Trainer Ashley Hurrell ahurrell@cathedralcatholic.org
Strength & Conditioning Jeremy Petitte jpetitte@cathedralcatholic.org