How to Get Cleared for Athletics

Every student who wishes to participate in our athletic program must obtain a clearance card issued by the Athletic Department.  

Below is information and the steps to receive your clearance card:

  • If you have not already done so, we recommend that you set up a time for your child to get a sports’ physical. We believe that the pandemic may cause a delay in seeing your physician and you must have a physical to tryout or practice. 
  • Transfer students are considered high school students that have attended another high school prior to becoming a student at Cathedral Catholic High School. Transfer students and their parents must meet with the athletic director to begin the clearance card process. The student must clear CIF Residential Eligibility before they can tryout or participate. Please call 858-523-4022 to make an appointment with the athletic director.
  • Incoming freshmen and transfer students will be able to fill out the on-line athletic forms once they have received their school email and password information from our Technology Office. This needs to be done before you can complete step one below.

Steps to obtain Athletic Clearance

Full Clearance is necessary to participate in Athletics at CCHS.

  1. Complete the Athletic Forms online. Each parent or guardian must login using the student’s school email address and password. This will allow you access to the forms. There are eight pages to complete (If you are unable to submit the paperwork at the end of the process, this indicates that a required field has not been completed. Please go back and complete the missing information and re-submit). A green bar will appear at the top of the page to verify submission.
  2. Complete and Athletic Physical Form (click here to download) The form must be completed by a physician (MD/DO), physician’s assistant (PA), or nurse practitioner (NP) licensed in the State of California. The physical is only valid if completed on or after June 5th, 2020. It is important that this form is signed, dated, and stamped (or physician’s business card is attached). The completed form must be emailed to Please keep a copy for your files.
  3. Complete the COVID-19 Pre-Participation form. This includes the Assumption of Risk for participating in athletics during COVID-19, and to answer whether or not the student-athlete has a history of COVID-19. This needs to be electronically signed by the parent or guardian and the student-athlete 90 days prior to the start of the season.
  4. Students must complete an Intent to Participate survey. The intent to participate survey will let coaches know which student-athletes intend on participating in their program for the 2020-2021 school year. Each program will host a Pre-Season Meeting prior to the first practice (virtually). Students are highly encouraged to attend.

Clearance Card will be sent to Head Coaches. There will be no Clearance Cards given in the Athletic Office.

** Transfer students are considered students who have attended another high school prior to becoming a student at Cathedral Catholic High School. Transfer students must meet with the Athletic Director to begin the Clearance Card process. The student must clear Residential Eligibility before being allowed to participate at Cathedral Catholic High School. Transfer students need to contact the Athletic Office, (858) 523-4022, to set an appointment. **

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