Textbooks and Purchasing Guide

Cathedral Catholic High School is moving to help alleviate the cost of textbooks per course. With that statement comes change. Many of our departments are moving to ebooks (electronic textbooks). The publishing companies tend to distribute updated ebooks during the summer months. This makes purchasing textbooks prior to the school year very difficult. We are updating our textbook purchasing procedure. You will find on this textbook page the information needed to plan a budget for the school year. Some courses will have a hard-book option. If there is an academic disadvantage to the student having the hardbook option, there will be no option listed. Directions and textbook information will be updated at the start of the school year. Teachers will demonstrate the downloading process to the students on the first days of school. Students will not be required to have the textbooks downloaded prior to the first class meeting. Please be cognizant of rental agreements, as some classes may meet spring semester, and require a later rental agreement date. If the class only offers a hard-book option, please have the students prepared with these books at the start of school.

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