Summer School Policies (Enrichment/Sports)

Behavior Expectations

The Cathedral Catholic High School behavior code is intended to provide good order indispensable for the serious pursuit of academic excellence and for the high moral tone expected at CCHS. Behavior that is dangerous or keeps students from learning or prevents the teacher from teaching is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Observance of this behavior expectation will place demands on the students’ self-control and growth toward maturity. The school reserves the right to review unsatisfactory conduct. The school is entitled to discipline the student and may include dismissal from summer school should any of behaviors be deemed intolerable by the school. The knowledge and compliance of the behavior expectations is expected of every student enrolled at Cathedral Catholic High School Academic Summer School.

Cathedral Catholic’s administration reserves the right to review the conduct and actions of CCHS students regardless of when or where such actions take place if they are of a nature to bring discredit to the school or if they conflict with the Christian values for which CCHS stands.


The Cathedral Cafe is open during the summer.  Hot breakfast items will be available through morning break. Students may also bring snacks and lunch during the summer. During the school day, students may not leave campus at any time to purchase food. Students are not allowed to eat in their classrooms.