Academic Acceleration Programs

On-Campus Courses

Session One
June 19 – July 7 (no class July 4)

Session Two
July 10– July 27

8:15am – 12:30pm

$650 for semester long classes
$1300 for year long classes

Sign up for all of your summer programs at once to
avoid paying multiple $100 registration fees.

A minimum number of 10 students must be enrolled for a class to run. All summer school final exams must be taken on campus on the assigned final exam dates. A student may not be absent on the day of the final exam, and there will be no alternate/make-up final exams.

Year long courses will encompass both sessions from June 19 to July 27.
Students may only enroll in 10 units (two semesters) and online PE if needed.  

Attendance Requirements

Due to the short nature of the summer session, students must attend all class meetings. Only one absence per three-week session is permitted. On the second absence of a session the student is automatically dropped from summer school and tuition will not be refunded.

If a student is absent:
All absences must be accompanied by a parent call into the attendance office (858) 523-4001 by 9am on the date of the absence.

If a student arrives late:
All late students must report directly to the attendance office before reporting to class. Any tardy over 40 minutes is considered an absence. Two absences in a session is an automatic drop from summer school.

Online Courses

Online classes will run from June 19 – July 27.
(Note: P.E. is an 8 week class – June 12 – August 3; Spanish 3 is dual enrollment with MiraCosta College, it is an 8 week class June 12 – August 3.)

Students are strongly encouraged to limit online classes during the summer to one year-long course or a total of 10 credits. Economics and Government (rising seniors) are semester long (5 credit) courses that are offered session one (June 19 – July 7) or session two (July 10 – July 27). PE is also available in addition to the 10 credit academic courses.

Final exams are to be completed at CCHS on July 7  and July 27 (August 3 for P.E and Spanish 3). There is no final for Spanish on July 7th. The only final for Spanish 3 is on August 3rd. Teachers will be available via e-mail for questions and will respond within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Virtual Office Hours:
TBD by each teacher. Students will be notified in June.

Online students must attend a mandatory orientation on one of the following dates:
Wednesday, May 17 at 7:30 a.m.
Monday, May 22 at 1:30 p.m.
Wednesday, May 24 at 3:30 p.m.

An email will be sent to all enrolled students in online classes with more details regarding the orientation.

Students interested in online PE must attend an orientation prior to summer. Orientation dates to be determined. Online PE is an eight-week course and includes weekly presentations, quizzes and activity log. Students are strongly encouraged to commit to a time line as not to fall behind. PE can be taken with another summer school yearlong course and counts for 5 PE credits.

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