Success Skills

The Student Success Skills program is a comprehensive, school-wide effort to teach student skills and learning strategies. Cathedral Catholic High School’s Student Success Skills initiative centers around fostering social, emotional, and academic success. Our student-centered, holistic strategy focuses on the student as a whole and aims to support areas of strength while identifying and addressing areas of growth. As a result, we are better able to support all students with one goal in mind — student success!

The idea of programmatically teaching student skills and learning strategies is research supported. In addition to research by Robert Marzano and his claim that a self-actualized student is the best type of student, David Conley’s book, Getting Ready for College, Careers, and the Common Core, is also supportive. Conley (2014) states that “while mastery of content knowledge and proficiency with cognitive strategies are unquestionably important, student ability to employ a range of skills and techniques essential to the learning process and to master the transition to post-secondary programs may over the long term end up being as important as their content knowledge and cognitive strategies” (Conley, pg. 71). He further claims that “no single factor may be more important to student success than the degree to which students take ownership of their learning and are allowed to do so” (Conley, pg. 73).

8 Skills That Are Vital For Student Success:

Time Management
the ability to use time productively.

Goal Setting
identifying what you want to accomplish and establishing measurable goals and timeframes.

the ability to continue working towards a goal despite challenges or setbacks.

knowledge of one’s own personality, feelings, motivation, goals, strengths, weaknesses.

a reason for acting.

knowledge that one needs help and looks for people or resources to help.

Progress Monitoring
assessing one’s achievement in goals and reassessing one’s next steps.

belief in one’s ability to succeed in accomplishing tasks or goals.

How does the program work?

Objective: Over the course of the 2019-2020 school year, Freshmen will develop their knowledge, ability to apply, and cultivate the value of the Student Success Skills relative to achievement.

Student Skills: All departments will intentionally teach time management and one of the student success skills below.

  • English: Motivation
  • Language: Progress Monitoring
  • Math: Persistence
  • Religion: Self-Awareness
  • Social Studies: Goal Setting
  • VAPA/PE: Self Efficacy
  • Science: Help Seeking

Additionally, Freshman Blast (August 15 & 16) and three Frosh Success Days are scheduled for October 17 & 18 and January 21-24 and April 1 & 2 .  These days are intended to strengthen the student success skills through independent and group activities.  The Frosh Success Days will take place during Catholic Faith 9 class in conjunciton with the School Counseling Team.