2019 Spring Awards

National Merit Scholars

National Merit Scholarship Finalist

     Dominic Sprigg

Commended Merit Scholars

     Jeremy Berman
     Sophia Bosque
     Isabella Catanzaro
     Aidan Cerveny
     Hailey Colman
     Mary Hartmeier
     Michael Mulder
     Benjamin Nash
     Katherine Stevenson

The National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists:

     Alexander Carrieri
     Alexy Dinkha

ROTC Program – University of New Mexico

     Rigney Herrera

United States Air Force Academy 

     Andrew Kuypers

Semper Fidelis All-American

     Megan Janikowski

Amanda Post: “Grace Under Pressure” Awards

     Ambassador: Dominic Sprigg
     Campus Ministry: Coley O’connor

Academic achievement awards honor four educators who were the prime factors in the development of USDHS. These awards are given to outstanding academic students who have maintained a consistent, cumulative grade point average of 4.0 or above.

Msgr. John A. Dickie was the second USDHS principal, serving from 1961 to 1967. He died in 2016. The freshmen receive the Msgr. John A. Dickie award, which is based on one semester of academic excellence. All of these students have a 4.0 or above cumulative GPA and we encourage them to continue in this manner during their academic career at CCHS.

Father John Paul Cadden was the first principal of USDHS and a former president of USD, serving in that capacity from 1957 to 1961. Father Cadden died in 1988. The sophomores receive the Father John Cadden award, which is computed on three consecutive semesters of 4.0 or above cumulative GPA.

Sophomores: 2019

Michaela Acosta Dinh                                    Emma Mcintosh
Claire Backer                                                   Lauren Mckittrick
Riley Bender                                                    Richard Mcwilliam
Mckenna Branson                                           Jenna Mello
Abigail Bulich                                                  John Merkin
Ava Burger                                                       Max Miller
Isabel Cabrera                                                 Gianna Mudwilder
Alexander Caracalla                                      Gavin Nalu
Nicholas Cariquitan                                       Dacey Mikayla Nang
Elizabeth Carruthers                                     Jadon Nguyen
Francisco Catanzaro                                      Katarina Nicola
Allen Cioaca                                                     Jacob Norton
Makenna Doan                                               Brigid O’reilly
Colleen Dockery                                             Ryan Oliveira
Liam Doheny                                                  Johannes Ong
Yasmin Erwin                                                Ariella Pacheco
Arianna Evans                                               Olivia Palombo
Caroline Fields                                               Elliott Park
Grant Glasgow                                               Carmella Parkinson
Grace Gough                                                   Ysabella Pineda
Eva Grunberg                                                 Natasha Preece
Druv Gupta                                                     Cyrus Raiszadeh
Keely Hallinan                                               Holly Renshaw
Madeleine Hazeltine                                    Benjamin Resko
Joshua Henson                                              Allison Rubio
Anna Herrmann                                           Lauren Schenk
Grace Hogan                                                  Jacqueline Schnell
Nicole Hood                                                   Ivan Seegmiller
Benjamin Hsiao                                             Shea Simons
Avery Humber                                               Kira Smith
Kevin Jiang                                                     Ethan Stabile
Sara Jodayri-Ali-Ashrafi                              Morgan Stumm
Kevin Kappes                                                Ryan Sweeney
Jackson Kiil                                                    John Tadeusiak
Arissa Lelevier                                             Dillon Tarle
Nicholas Li                                                    Jacob Titcomb
Lindsey Lingham                                         Zachary Torres
Kaley Lollis Thao-Mi                                    Joelle Tran
Alivia Lomax                                                Roman Ushakov
Estrella Lopez                                               Mitchell Van Dyk
Isabella Lorusso                                           Marisa Venuto
Kathryn Lundh                                            Alex Wade
Shuhan Lyu                                                  Ellery Wakeman
Rebecca Madden                                         Jasmine Walker
Finn Mahoney                                             Julia Walsh
Sophia Manos                                              Yi Wang
Gabriella Manzoni                                     Anna Wilborn
Matthew Martinez                                     Savannah Winkenhofer
Nicolas Martinez                                        Ella Wishchuk
Annabella Mascari                                    Dylan Wolchko
Jaziel Mayoral                                            Arden Woltman
Megan Mccrink                                         Kyle Wong
Madison Mcdowell                                   Tyler Zarcu
                                                                      Isabel Zimmerman


Most Rev. Charles F. Buddy was the first bishop of San Diego appointed in 1932. He was the founder of USD and USDHS. He died in 1966. The juniors receive the bishop buddy award, which is based on five consecutive semesters of 4.0 or above cumulative GPA.

Most Rev. Francis J. Furey became the second bishop in San Diego in 1966. He was later transferred to San Antonio, where he died in 1979. The seniors receive the Bishop Furey award, which is based on seven consecutive semesters of 4.0 or above cumulative GPA.

The Bishop Leo. T. Maher Awards

Are for citizenship, scholarship and extracurricular success. These awards require particular qualities of individuals: qualities that enable special commitments to be made and honored time after time. Recipients are selected after recommendations from faculty and administration. The loyalty and service awards are given to the students who have made an outstanding contribution to his/her class during the school year. Good citizenship and a contribution to the entire student body are the prerequisite qualities that successful candidates must possess.

Outstanding Freshmen

     Kymberly Kuras
     Bryce Brock

Outstanding Sophomores

     Micaela Acosta Dinh
     Jaziel Mayoral

Ouststanding Juniors

     Holden Brosnan
     Michaela Marquand

CCHS Dons of Distinction in Science

     Shona Brown
     Dominic Sprigg

CCHS Engineer of the Year

     Monique Nang
     Jonathan Montgomery

Career Achievement in Mathematics

     Isabella Catanzaro
     Michael Mulder

Outstanding Achievement in Journalism

     Cole Hume

Literary Writing in Achievement

     Freshman: Sinead Archdeacon
     Sophomore: Joelle Tran
     Junior: Mila Duffy
     Senior: Mary Epperson

CCHS Presidio Yearbook Award

     Emily Ricci

Outstanding Social Science Achievement

     Excellence in the Social Sciences
     Shona Brown
     Marley Larsen-Dunn

Outstanding Language Achievement

     Excellence in Spanish
     Leonardo Castro-Guerrera

     Excellence in Latin
     Cynthia Graf

     Excellence in American Sign Language
     Morgan Blum

     Excellence in French
     Ellie Duvall

     Excellence in Mandarin
     Yuelin Gan
     Nicholas Allen

Outstanding Peer Mentor Award

     Brigid Mccay

Visual and Performing Arts Awards

Father Leo F. Lanphier: Outstanding Achievement in Dramatic Arts
Marisa Mistica
Janna Shakiba

Father Leo F. Lanphier: Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theater
Ava Rusnak

       Outstanding Achievement in Video Production
       Paulina Nguyen

      Outstanding Achievement in Visual Arts
      Gabrielle Charest

Outstanding Achievement in Music Awards

     Outstanding Achievement in Instrumental Music
     Benjamin Nash

     Outstanding Achievement in Choral Music
     Ian Grooms

The Associated Student Body Award (ASB)

     Outstanding Class Officer
     Lauren Munro

     Most Outstanding Class Commissioner
     Kiya Gundelfinger

Ambassador for Christ Corps

     Outstanding Sophomore Ambassador
     Viviana Morales

     Outstanding Junior Ambassador
     Luke Myers

     Natalie Nield Memorial Outstanding Senior Ambassador
     Dakota Muth

Outstanding Religious Achievement

     The Blessed Oscar Romero Junior Award – Building The Kingdom of God
     William Attisha

     The St. Joseph Senior Award – Veni Sancte Spiritus
     Veronica Edwards