Parochial Schools Online Math

Cathedral Catholic High School provides middle school students an opportunity to take an online Algebra I and/or Geometry math course. Cathedral Catholic High School uses an online curriculum created specifically for iPads and the HMH Fuse app. The program allows students to take the class for enrichment and/or advancement while at their middle school. The courses are taught by members of the mathematics department at Cathedral Catholic High School.

Per the University of California A-G guide, “math courses completed in seventh and/or eight grades with a grade of C or higher can be used to fulfill the mathematics (“c”) subject requirement. Students are not required to repeat these courses once they have entered high school.” For more more information about UC requirements, please click the following link:

After successful completion of either course, students will receive an official transcript from Cathedral Catholic High School indicating completion of the course and the grade earned.

These courses are part of a student’s official transcript if he/she decides to enroll at Cathedral Catholic High School. Other important notes about either course:

The student will not earn high school credit;

If a student decides to enroll at Cathedral Catholic High School, neither course will count as part of the mathematics requirement at CCHS;

The grade earned in either course will not be included in the student’s GPA if he/she enrolls at Cathedral Catholic High School;

Successful completion of either course will determine math placement at Cathedral Catholic High School. For example, if a student successfully completes the online Geometry class as an 8th grader, he/she will be placed in Algebra II as a freshman;

These policies and guidelines do not apply to high schools other than Cathedral Catholic High School.

The cost of each course is $1,020.00. The cost covers the HMH Fuse app plus the cost of hiring a teacher to teach the course. Students are required to have an iPad. Cathedral Catholic High School will loan students an iPad for use and will require a $300 deposit that will be returned when the iPad is returned in acceptable condition.

Next Steps:

Cathedral Catholic High School will host informational meetings on Monday, September 11, 2017 and Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. in the Assisi Lecture Hall. Students and parents (must have at least one parent present) must attend one informational meeting to learn more about the program and begin the enrollment process. Please RSVP to the Assistant to the Principal, Hannah Yen, at

Cost: $1,020 per course
$300 deposit if you need to borrow an iPad from CCHS