One to One: Frequently Asked Questions

What does the tech fee cover?

The annual tech fee covers: iPad rental, AppleCare+, some apps, on campus tech support, student training.

What accessories will be needed with the iPad?

All students will receive an iPad from Cathedral. The student will supply their own cover. We suggest that the cover should protect the corners of the iPad as this is the easiest place to break.

Where can I learn about the iPad?

You can learn about the iPad directly from Apple.

When will students first receive their iPads?

Incoming students (freshmen and transfers) will receive their iPads during the summer prior to starting school.

Sign ups will be announced via email and will be open soon.

How much storage are the iPads going to have? (16, 32 or 64GB)


One question mentions that each student will use their own Apple ID. Does that mean if my student already has an Apple ID and has been testing school-related apps on our home iPad, she will be able to continue using her account and transfer these apps to the school iPad?

Students can use any Apple ID they like. All purchases made using a student’s Apple ID then belong to that Apple ID. This includes apps provided by the school.  Students get to keep those apps.

Will there be any training for students on how to use the iPads?

Students will receive training. We have developed a training program to get students started with their iPads that includes using the iPad, purchasing and downloading apps and ebooks, as well as digital citizenship. In addition to our student training, faculty also receive continuous training as software and capabilities change.

What happens when my student graduates, do they get to keep the iPad? How much will we have to pay?

When a student graduates they will have the option of purchasing the iPad. The final cost will be figured at the time of graduation. Remember that the students will own everything on the iPad through their AppleID account.

Is the information on the iPad backed up?

There are a variety of backup options for iPads. We recommend students use iCloud, as it backs up automatically when the iPad is plugged in to power and connected to the Internet.

Do students get to take them home at night?

Yes, absolutely! The full benefits of the program can only be realized if students can use these devices both at school and at home.

May students opt out of using the iPad altogether?

The short answer is no… the benefits of a tool like this can only be achieved if the tool is used by all students.

Can students install their own apps?

Yes. We will be preloading the iPads with some apps, but we do want students to be able to load their own also.

Can we buy the iPad when we graduate?

Yes. You will be able to buy the iPad when you graduate. The exact price will be determined then.

Will students get to keep their iPads over the summer?

Yes. Though at times we may require all students to return their iPads for maintenance.

Will there be technical support for student iPads on campus?

Yes. An IT support staff member will be available at a central location on campus at a walk-up counter to assist with technical issues.

My student already has an iPad. Will they be able to use that one?

No. The IT department at CCHS will set up the iPads as “managed” devices to ensure we have consistent security, configuration, apps and content.

What happens if an iPad gets broken?

AppleCare Plus comes with each iPad. AppleCare Plus covers all hardware issues for two years as well as two incidents of accidental breakage with a $50 deductible per incident. If an iPad is stolen or lost, the family will be billed for a new device. We’ll be providing recommendations on caring for the iPad.

What do we do if the iPad is lost or stolen?

Report it immediately to the Dean of Students office. Students will need to pick up a loaner iPad from the Tech Department. If theft is off campus please get a police report.

Students will be instructed on how to activate “Find my iPad”. In the event you misplace your iPad, sign in to from any web browser on a Mac or PC. You can also borrow your friend’s iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and use the “Find My iPhone” app. “Find My iPad” shows you the approximate location of your iPad on a map.

Do students only use eBooks, or will they also use traditional textbooks?

CCHS will use the best materials for each learning environment. The academic department chairs, with the approval of the Curriculum Director, select materials for department instruction, including eBooks and traditional textbooks.

How do I connect my student’s iPad to my home network?

You will need to have a wireless access point/router at home to access internet or email. iPads will still function in some capacity without this connection. Because of numerous possible configurations, it is advisable to contact your service provider for further assistance. CCHS strongly recommends that wireless access is available at home in order to maximize the 1 to 1 experience.

How do I connect my student’s iPad to my home printer?

There are some newer wireless enabled printers that are compatible with iPads. If you have this type of printer your iPad should find it without any configuration on the iPad.

Do you supply loss/theft insurance?

Cathedral Catholic High School does not supply loss/theft insurance for iPads. Check with your insurance carrier to see if they cover it.

What if I have a problem with my iPad or Cathedral Catholic course-specific app during the school year?

The technology department at CCHS will handle all iPad issues. The student tech team will be able to help students in need also.

Will there be space available for students to store the iPads during/after school?

When not being carried by the student, iPads must be locked in their locker, only inside the classroom buildings. Gym lockers are not secure and iPads should never be brought in there, or left unattended at any time.

How are the students going to carry the iPads around campus?

iPads must be in a protective cover at all times. We recommend putting the iPad in a soft or sturdy sleeve or a hard case before putting it in a backpack. Some backpacks contain separate padded sleeves for iPads/laptops. A sturdy case can offer protection from being placed in lockers or being jostled while traveling from class to class.

How long will my student have this iPad?

iPads are rented for a two year period, at which time we will upgrade.

What happens to all of the information on my students iPad when they graduate or the iPad is replaced?

Each student will use their own Apple ID to load apps and other materials onto the iPad. This information will transfer to their new device.

What if my student participates in after school sports or activities?

Students should lock their iPads in their lockers, only in classroom buildings. If they are attending an after school event, including an away game, their iPad needs to be secured in the classroom building locker. Campus security will let students back into the classroom building when they return from the game if needed. Never leave an iPad in the gym, in the locker rooms, on the fields, or in a car in view or in a backpack. It will get stolen.

How does a student access CCHS email?

All students have a CCHSDONS.COM email account. All CCHSDONS.COM accounts are Google accounts. CCHSDONS.COM email is accessible through Gmail. Also included with a CCHSDONS.COM is the rest of Google’s Apps, such as Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and YouTube.

Your sign in is your first initial and last name and graduation year

For example:

The password is one you set at iPad orientation.

These email accounts can be used to email fellow Cathedral students and CCHS faculty only.

How does a student access Moodle?

Some of your teachers will ask you to log into Moodle to do some of your assignments. The address is:

Username: your Student ID number

Password: the password were given when you got your iPad. It consists of random numbers and letters.

Your teacher will give you a password to enroll in the course.

How does a student turn an assignment in to Turnitin?

Some of your teachers will ask you to turn your essays or papers into  Turnitin is a site that checks for plagiarism and offers features to help correct and review your papers.

If you are assigned a paper that is to be submitted to – click on Training to see a student tutorial on enrolling in a class and submitting a paper. You must use your school email account (@cchsdons) to enroll in Turnitin.

Your teacher will provide the class ID number.